Olivia (Mandy) O'Neill

Assistant Professor of Management and Senior Scholar at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being

Selected Media Coverage

"What's Love Got to Do with Work?" (Ideas for Leaders, July '14)

"Companionate Love in Workplace Heightens Happiness, Productivity, Study Finds" (George Mason News, 4/9/14)

"Why Fostering a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters" (Knowledge@Wharton, 4/2/14)

"Employees Who Feel Love Perform Better" (Harvard Business Review, 1/13/14)

"When It's O.K. To Love Someone at the Office" (Wall Street Journal, 1/8/14)

"The Psychology of Kindness in the Workplace" (Stanford GSB Magazine, 6/10/13)

"Zero Sum Game - Women fall behind men at the top because they don't put in enough hours" (Quartz reprint, 5/20/13)

"Why Do Highly Capable Women Not Always Realize Their Workforce Potential?" (Stanford GSB Magazine, 5/8/13)

"Are you a workplace Pollyanna?" (Washington Post, 9/15/11)

"Women: Want to Get Ahead in Business World? Act Like a Man — Sometimes" (CBS News, 6/21/11)

"Women Who Display Masculine Traits — and Know When Not to — Get More Promotions Than Men" (Stanford Magazine, 3/1/11)

"Monitoring masculinity: An edge for women in the workplace?" (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/31/11)

"When a woman should act like a man" (CNN, 4/5/11)

"Masculine Women Who Know When to Be 'Feminine' at Work Get More Promotions" (ABC News, 1/24/11)

"Secret of successful women... femininity" (London Daily Mail, 1/20/11)

"Positive thinking leads to... job dissatisfaction?" (Time.com, 6/21/08)

"Positives go negative" (Associated Press, June 2008; featured in Atlanta Journal Constitution, 6/22/08; Atlanta Magazine, November 2008)

"Where are the Women?" (Fast Company Magazine, February 2004)



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