a-:  from ab-erration, abs-traction
ad-:  to ad-dition
ana- (Gk.):  along, over ana- lysis
ante-:  before ante-diluvial
anti-(Gk.):  opposing anti-matter
auto-(Gk.):  self auto-matic

bi-:  two bi-pedal

circum-:  around circum-spect
co- con- (< cum):  with, together  co-worker
contra-:  against contr-argument

de-:  from, away de-activate
demi- (=semi-): half demi-god
di- dis-:  spread, separate di-verse, dis-assemble
dys- (Gk.):  bad, wrong dys-functional

e-/ ex-/ extra-: out of e-vacuate
epi- (Gk.):  after, beyond epi-dermal
eu- (Gk.):  good eu-phemism

hyper- (Gk.):  over hyper-tension
hypo- (Gk.):  under hypo-thermal

-iatr- (Gk.):  physician psych-iatrics
in- (un-):  not in-consistent
in- inter- intra-:  between inside inter-view; intra-venous
infra-:  below infra-structure
-ics (Gk.):  relating to pediatr-ics (< paid: child, Gk.)

mal-:  bad mal-practice
meta- (Gk.):  eyond meta-physics
mis- (IE):  wrong mis-understand
mon- (Gk.):  one mon-archy
multi-:  many multi-purpose

neo-:  new neo-natal

ob-:  facing ob-jection

para- (Gk.):  along, beside para-professional
paleo- (Gk.):  old paleo-lith

per-:  through per-lustration
peri- (Gk.):  around peri-natal
poli- (Gk.):  city poli-tics
poly- (Gk.):  many poly-morphism
post-:  after post-operative
pre-:  before pre-meditated
prim-:  first prim-ary
pro-:  for pro-spective
proto- (Gk.):  first proto-plasm

re-:  again re-form

se-:  separate se-x
semi- (demi-): half semi-conductor
sub-:  under sub-merge
super-/ supra-: over super-fluous
syn- (Gk.):  together syn-thesis

ter-/ tri-:  three ter-tiary
trans-:  across trans-port

uni-:  one uni-lateral