Fourth  Meeting of the Folklore and Creative Writing Section of AFS

Friday, 24 October 2008,   12:151:15pm, Churchill Room

American Folklore Society Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY



Peggy Yocom ( and Andrea Graham  (


**Readings. We=ll have a sign-up sheet at the meeting. If you would like to read from your writing for about 1-3 minutes, please come a little early and sign-up to read at the opening or closing of the meeting. We=ll see how many readers we have and distribute our time accordingly. The Plenary session goes until 12:15, and we have to have the business part of our Section meeting over early because the panel our Section is sponsoring (chaired by Peggy) begins at 1:30. So, we’ll do the best we can.


**Brief introductions by people who are new to the Section: tell us who you are, what you write.



-- We are sponsoring the Folklore and Creative Writing Workshop “Collage Writing” by poet Susan Tichy of George Mason University’s Master of Fine Arts Program, Friday, October 24, 8-10am, Churchill Room. (Session #9-06A) Admission is closed at this point. For more information, see our Section’s webpage.

-- Come to our Section’s panel right after our Section meeting and meet poets Lee Ann Brown and Susan Tichy as well as dramatist and ballad singer Betty Smith (who will sing): “Secrets, Betrayals, and Half-Told Tales: Writing Under the Influence of the Ballad,”  Friday, October 24, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (Session #12-07)  Conference Theater.

-- Come to our Section=s forum celebrating the publication of The Folklore Muse, edited by Frank DeCaro, Thursday, October 23, 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm (Session #05-51) in the Regency Ballroom North

B Peggy will bring news of AWP, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. She is AFS Liason to that organization. See,  AWP meets in Chicago in 11-14 Feb 2009, and in Denver in 2010.

-- Readings, panels of interest to creative writers at AFS this year?

-- Section information on AFS website.

-- Section dues. “Members” of Section. “Friends” of the Section.


**Discussion of draft of Duties of Senior and Junior Section conveners


**What activities would we like to plan? What would we like to do to further our writing?

-- This year we have the forum and the workshop by Susan Tichy. Reactions to these plans? What would we like for Boise?

-- Additional possibilities: Panels at AFS on writing, creative writing, ethnographic writing? Writers Workshops for Folklorists at meeting of Association of Writers and Writing Programs (  Panels at AWP in Denver 2010? New materials on website? Ways to share news and information? Share our syllabi? How can those not at AFS best stay in touch with us?


-- What plans shall we make for the money in our Treasury? We earned $180 at the Crowley Concert readings last year. And we’ll earn more from dues and from the Tichy workshop. Table in the Book room?  Bring a writer from the Northwest to AFS Boise?

-- Be our junior convener! We decided to have two conveners who will serve for two years each, one off-set from the other by a year. So we’ll always have one senior convener and one junior convener. Peggy agreed to stay on as senior convener from Nov 2007 to Nov 2008. Andrea Graham agreed to be junior convener from Nov 2007 to Nov 2008, and senior convener from Nov 2008 to Nov 2009. We’ll need someone to sign up for Nov 2008 through Nov 2010, someone who plans to be at both AFS meetings.


**For the good of the Order

Other business?


**More Readings. (If there’s time, given our need to end the Section meeting early).


To propose any additions to this Agenda, please email Peggy ( or see her at the AFS meeting.