F & CW Section Activities at AFS 2007, Quebec City



FORUM: Take Your Pencil for a Walk: Adventures in Creative Writing
Saturday, 20 October 2007
1:30-3:15pm, Session 20-07
Le Panorama Citadelle Room

Many folklorists today are exploring the world of creative writing as an alternative means for reaching new audiences. Through poetry, short stories and novels, folklorists express both the experiences of being a folklorist and the insights they have gained from the artists, tradition bearers and cultural community leaders they have met. During this forum, folklorists will read some of their creative works and discuss what motivates them and how they find time to write creatively. We will also share ideas and resources for publishing our creative writing.

Co-chairs: Amy E. Skillman and Peggy Yocom

Chris Garlough
Steve Kruger
William McCarthy
Diana N’Diaye
Leslie Prosterman
Rachelle (Riki) Saltzman
Jeannie Thomas
Jacqueline Thursby
Jeff Todd Titon

Discussant: Norma Cantu (cannot be with us, unfortunately)

We will keep a sign-up sheet for additional Forum attendees to read their writing, time permitting.

Thursday, 18 October 2007
12:00-1:30 pm
Portneuf Room

Co-conveners: Margaret “Peggy” Yocom and Amy Skillman

We have $180 in our treasury. What would you like to do in Louisville in 2008? In Boise in 2009? Come share ideas and writings and more. Bring your writings to read; we’ll have a sign-up sheet in the room on Thursday noon.

CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP: “Storytelling Techniques for Creative Writers”
Jo Radner, workshop leader

Friday, 19 October 2007
3:30-5:15pm, Session 13-07
Le Panorama Citadelle Room

Oral techniques and imaginative play are powerful tools for all who create with words, writers and tellers alike. Aimed especially at writers of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, this workshop will lead participants in physical and dramatic improvisational practices to deepen the images of characters, sharpen descriptions, and plumb memory and imagination for new material. By the end, participants will have found new material and new avenues for future discovery and revision.

Jo Radner has been teaching storytelling (often to creative writers) for 20 years. She creates and performs personal and family stories as well as tales about the people and history of northern New England at theaters, festivals, conferences, and community events.
Visit her web site, joradner.com