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Volgenau School of Engineering

George Mason University


About me

My name is Mohammad Rezaeirad. I'm a researcher and PhD student at Security Lab at George Mason University. I am working under supervision of Dr. Damon McCoy.


Feel free to shoot me email at: mrezaeir [at] gmu [dot] edu.




Here is my Linkedin. You can also see my CV.


Current and Past Projects                                      

Primarily, I work on a cyber intelligence joint project between GMU, NYU, UCSD and UC Berkley.

My tasks and contributions to this project are: 1) RAT protocol reverse engineering, 2) Developing RAT protocol emulator (sinkhole), 3) Developing network decoder and network signature, 4) Developing behavioral signature, 5) Developing unpacker and RAT configuration extractor, 6) Honeypot development.


My secondary project is a study on binary packing and obfuscation techniques.


I worked on security analysis of the car infotainment system, funded by General Motors.

My tasks and contributions to this project are: 1) Hardware reverse engineering, 2) Firmware extraction and analysis, 3) Vulnerability analysis, 4) Exploit development, 5) Protocol emulation.

Research Interests

I am interested and working in the fields of Cyber-Physical Security. More specifically, my focuses are:


      Reverse Engineering (both Hardware and Software)

      Vulnerability Analysis and Ethical Hacking


The topics that I have worked on and, influenced my research interests are: Modern Cryptography, Network Security (especially in wireless networks), Security Mechanisms in Cloud Computing, and Digital Right Management.


Things That I Do


      Disassembly (x86, MIPS)

      Static and Dynamic Analysis

      Source Code Analysis

      Protocol Reverse Engineering and Emulator Development



      Sensor Development

      Data Collection and Mining

      Measurement and Attribution

      Decoy and Honeypot Development


Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering:

      Protocol Analysis

      Firmware extraction




A Security Analysis of an In-Vehicle Infotainment and App Platform

S Mazloom, M Rezaeirad, A Hunter, D McCoy

10th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies (WOOT 16), Austin, TX., August 2016


A novel clustering paradigm for key pre-distribution: Toward a better security in homogenous WSNs

M Rezaeirad, M Orooji, S Mazloom, D Perkins, M Bayoumi

Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), 2013 IEEE, 308-316


A Novel Clustering Paradigm for Pre-distribution Key Management for Mobile Homogenous Wireless Sensor Networks

M Rezaeirad

A Master thesis, Nov 2012

University of Louisiana at Lafayette