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assignment may be used with attributionThe goals of this assignment are to help you:

Guidelines for the Assignment on Creating a Web-based List of Resources

  • become more knowledgeable about the influences of the digital environment on a particular aspect of your field of study.

  • become more knowledgeable about finding Internet research sources in your major.

  • develop the skills to create an annotated list of Web resources

  • become competent in publishing a list of resources in a hypertext publishing environment

  • become adept at analyzing a body of resources and showing how they relate to one another in relation to the main topic you researched.

I. Web resources assignment proposal:

You will submit a  proposal on what topic you will research for your Web-based list of resources.  See the due date for your proposal on the course schedule.

II. Annotated Web-based resource list:

Topic: The topic of your Web-based  resources should be related to a subject that, ideally, relates to a topic in your major and the Internet.   The resources must be credible. Your Report on the Credibility of Web Resources  should give you the background to select appropriate resources.

Approach: After you brainstorm about possible subjects and then narrow your subject down to two to three possibilities, do some preliminary research to see what you can find on the Internet.  Do not rely on one search engine to find your resources.  Try using different key words and boolean logic.  Refine your searches.  Your list of Web material may also contain discussion groups for people interested in this subject.  For example, you may find some Listservs and newsgroups related to your topic.

If you can't find sufficient Web-based resources you may have to rethink your subject.

After you gather your body of resources, you need to read them carefully, decide how they relate to your overall topic.

Format: Provide a title for your list of resources.  Include your name, email address and a link to your home page. Provide a brief introduction describing the audience/audiences for your list and why they might find your list useful. Let your readers know what the subject In your introduction also briefly summarize the resources and show how they relate to one another. INclude the title of each Web site.  Below that put the URL (http address).  Then, below that, annotate (briefly summarize what the site is about and the major categories of content) the people  accessing the Web resource list can have an idea of what each resource is about. 

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