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NCLC 349 Internet Literacy - Proposal for non-profit Web site group project

Before you write the proposal, you need to meet with representatives of the organization.  Explain why you are suggesting the Web site for their group.  Ask them what they would like to see on the Web site. Explain that the Web site will reside on your Mason Web page for a period of time, but that, if they agree to use it, they will have to put the Web site on their own Web space with an independent provider of Internet services.

Whether or not they agree to actually use the Web page will not affect your grade, as long as the Web page fulfills the criteria for the assignment. Develop a workable plan. Set realistic expectations of your skills, possible design elements and the amount of and kind of content.

After you set up preliminary expectations - both yours and theirs, do some brainstorming, develop your strategy and formulate your proposal.

Your proposal should have appropriate headings, for example, the recipient/s of the proposal and position/s with the organization; title of proposal; suggested elements in Web site - purpose, kinds of graphics, design, contents, time frame for completion.  Include other pertinent information.  Provide as much information as you can, in a concise, edited format, to help the organization decide whether or not to accept your proposal.

The proposal must be presented to appropriate representatives of the organization for approval. The group will discuss and design appropriate proposal formats, to be approved by the professor. The group will then design and create a sample Web page to present to the organization for implementation.

Research should include interviews with organization members, a review of organization materials, analysis of audience and purpose, appropriate location, analysis of copyright and permission to post graphics, investigation of privacy issues, and location of the Web page. You may get help from the STAR (Student Technology Assistance and Resources) in the Johnson Center.   

Considerations When Creating a Web Page - Virginia Montecino

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