Instructor ______________  Course_______________________  Semester _________
Your Name ___________________________________________ Section __________

PEER GROUP EVALUATION  (To be submitted to instructor)

I. Names of your group members. (The letter corresponds to the
student's name.)

Performance in the Learning Community
II. Rank each member (a,b,c,d,e) with a 4,3,2,1,0  (4=highest,0=lowest)
1. Reliable for meetings
a._________ b.__________ c.__________ d.__________ e. __________

2. Reliable with meeting deadlines for work in progress and final project
a._________ b.__________ c.__________ d.__________ e. ___________

3. Contributes ideas to the group
a.__________ b.__________ c._________ d. __________ e. ___________

4. Respects each group member's opinions
a.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.___________ e ___________

5.. Contributes his/her share to class discussion
a.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ e. ____________

6. Knowledgeable about assignments and her/his role and fulfills that role
a.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ e._____________

7. Responds to drafts of assignments promptly, with a good faith effort
a.___________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ e.____________

III. If given the opportunity, would you want to work with this team member again?
("Yes"= 4 points; "Maybe"= 2 points; "No"= 0 points)
a.___________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ e.______ _____

IV. In one sentence, what is your overall impression of each member's performance?
a) ____________________________________________________________________________
b) ____________________________________________________________________________
c) ___________________________________________________________________
d) ___________________________________________________________________
e) ___________________________________________________________________
[Don't base your evaluations on friendship or personality conflicts. The extent of class participation will be decided by me; however, your input can be a valuable indicator to help assess contributions in a fair manner. I do give different grades for a group project if the work was significantly uneven and of marked differences in quality. THESE EVALUATIONS ARE FOR MY EYES ONLY.] 

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