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NCLC 349 Internet Literacy - Non-profit Web site group project

Each group will create a Web page for a non-profit organization. The group will give a presentation on the process and the final product at the end of the semester.

Goals for this assignment:

  • to gain experience working with a group to complete a project for a non-profit "customer," in the community
  • to write a proposal satisfying the needs of this "customer"
  • to solve a "problem" based on the needs analysis of a particular audience for a specific purpose.
  • To create a professional looking Web page.
  • To gain experience in giving presentations to a group.
 You will be working on this project throughout the semester and may be required to meet outside of class and make appointments for help with the STAR (student technology assistance office).

Groups will consist of 3-5 students. Each group will choose a non-profit organization, in the local community, which does not yet have a Web page. It could be a group to which you or other group members belong, a group in your neighborhood or community, or on campus. The group members will research the organization and, after finding out what the group would like, develop a proposal for creating a web page. You need to clear about what level of Web site you can provide, based on how realistic their expectations are and your time frame to complete this assignment.

The proposal must be presented to appropriate representatives of the organization for approval. The group will discuss and design appropriate proposal formats, to be approved by the professor. The group will then design and create a sample web page to present to the organization for implementation. (See Guidelines on Creating a Web Page.) Research should include interviews with organization members, a review of organization materials, analysis of audience and purpose, appropriate location, analysis of copyright and permission to post graphics, investigation of privacy issues, and location of the Web page. You may get help from the student assistance resource center in the Johnson Center.)

Your group will do a presentation at the end of the semester for the entire class on your not-for-profit group project Web page. You will show the Web page and discuss your research process and considerations that went into creating the Web page. Each member of the group must submit a log detailing his/her work for the project and a summary statement evaluating his/her participation. You will also be required to turn in a peer evaluation for my eyes only.

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