Virginia Montecino

NCLC 249 Internet Literacy 


Non-profit Web Site Assignment, Option A

NOTE: If your group is not doing the non-profit Web site, please see this proposal.

[Save this file and insert the appropriate information. Submit to the organization after class review and careful proofreading and 
editing.  Post on your Web site. Leave out the explanatory information between the brackets when submitting your proposal.]


To: [ Insert the name of the contact person/s and the name of organization to whom you are presenting the proposal.
CC: Professor Virginia Montecino

From: [Insert student names, email addresses, of members of your group.

Title of the  project:

Type of project: [Include a brief description of the project.]

Intended audience for this Web site: [There may be more than one audience.  For example, the site may have a section designed for the volunteers and for recruitment and also a section for people who need the services the site provides.]

Purpose/s of the Web site: [The purpose may be multifold - For example, a non-profit Web site could educate about a subject, provide a service, provide information, recruit volunteers,  serve as a virtual meeting place, etc.]

Major components /  information that might be included in the Web site: [ title of organization, title of Web site, contact person, email address, address, phone number, mission statement,  major links. Outline main categories of information on the site.  What resources will you use to gather information for your project? What sources will you use to find the information?  Interviews?  Research?  Organization's newsletters, brochures, etc.?  If you provide information and or Web links for the site, be sure you have evaluated them for credibility and get the organization's approval before you post them..]

Types of graphics and sources of graphics: [Observe copyright laws.  Be mindful of privacy issues.  Remember
large graphics or too many can overwhelm a Web page.]

Elements to make the site "user-friendly": [See guidelines for creating a Web site.]

Completion Date:  [date the project is ready and published on the Web]

What each group member will contribute to the project: [Include each person's name and email address,  what skills she/he will provide and what tasks he/she will accomplish.  There is often an overlap of some skills and tasks. More than one person might, for example, do proofreading or graphics design.aspects of the plans to contribute to the project.]