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Law Resources
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This list does not constitute an endorsement of any of these sites.
All Law - "Your Internet Legal Gateway"
American Bar Association Division for Public Education
Computer Ethics, Laws, Privacy Issues - Virginia Montecino
Congressional Universe - legislative information (Congressional Information Service, Inc.) 
District of Columbia Bar Public and Consumer Information -  includes ethics opinions and law links 
D.C. Street Law Clinic - "to provide legal education to laypersons while also aiding in the professional development of the law students" (Georgetown University Law Center)
Findlaw.com - online resource for legal professionals, lawyers, and law students.  Offers documents, forms legal dictionary, reference material, news and information in various categories (U.S.,  foreign and international law, cases, codes, legal aid, job information)
FreeAdvice.com - self-help law center
Legal Ethics.com - ethics sites, articles on legal ethics
Federal Legislative Information on the Internet - (Library of Congress service)
Federal Tax Laws (laws, legislation, codes, regulation,  court decisions, rates, tables, payrolls, administration, treaties ) - compiled by Dennis Schmidt
Guide to the US Supreme Court - by JURIST: The Legal Education Network  - University of Pittsburgh School of Law
KuestlerLaw - the Technology Law Resource
Law and Politics: Internet Guide - "one stop source for legal research" for the legal profession, academia and the public
Legislative Information on the Internet  (service of the Library of Congress)
Links to Law Resources - FreeAdvice.com
Links to Law Schools - FreeAdvice.com
Maryland Bar - public resources
Nolo.com - self-help law center
Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia - business, employee rights, wills, taxes, real estate, family, criminal copyright, etc.
The Oyez Project - Northwest University
Supreme Court Collection - searchable database for Supreme Court decisions - Legal Information Institute 
Tax and Accounting Sites Directory - fed and international tax law - Dennis Schmidt
Virtual Supreme Court - created by Penn Law Professor Barbara Bennett Woodhouse as a teaching tool to explore the role of the judiciary in deciding how to interpret the words of the Constitution.
Virginia State Bar - includes information for the public
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updated June 2002
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