Group Project and Proposal

See Proposal form below:

Before you decide on a topic for your group project, so some brainstorming among your group members.
Discuss your various strengths, talents, interests, willingness to commit to various aspects of the project.

Possible topics:
1. Create documentation for some computer application.
2. Create a Web-based resource list for an audience interested in a particular topic and sub-topics.
3. Design a Web site for a non profit organization.
4. Design a presentation on some aspect of writing in your major.
5. Design a presentation on teaching something to an audience not in your major, but which might have interest in the subject. (For example, nursing students might present something on a health issue, computer science students might present something on secure purchases via the Internet.)

Your presentation can be a Powerpoint presentation, a Web project, a video, or other.  The distance learning section would be best suited to a Web-based presentation (incl. a Powerpoint, if desired.) unless the students in your group can be here for the presentation. You can use an overhead projector and transparencies or other aids.  You will be responsible for ordering, setting up, and running any equipment.

You will be alloted 10 minutes per group to present your project to the class at the end of the semester.  For those who can't be there real time (if you are in the distance learning section) to give the presentation, make sure you allocate the roles so that each member will contribute equally.

After you decide on your topic, submit the proposal below in the exact format:

To: Professor Virginia Montecino

From: [names, email addresses, student URLs]

Subject of our project:

Type of project: [Web site, Powerpoint presentation, documentation, etc.]

Our Major and why doing this presentation will be a valuable learning experience for us:
[If you are not vested in your topic, chances are your incentive to work on it will be weak. ]

Major components of this project:

Intended audience for this project: If you were doing a Web site for a grammar school class, for example, what subject/s would you do, what ages would your audience be?  If you were designing documentation for a computer application, what would the level of expertise be?

What we hope the audience will get out of our project:

Resources we will use to gather information for our project:

Equipment, software we will need for our project:

What each group member's main contribution will be to the project:
You may divide the roles as you see fit, as long as the contributions are fair to all.  Possible contributory roles - researcher, editor, designer, interviewer, writer, organizer, graphics designer, speaker.  One person may assume more than one role.  Some of the work may be equally divided.  You will evaluate your group members' contributions (for my eyes only) at the end of the semester.

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