Distance Learning Science Section

English 302 - Spring 98

English 302, Advanced Composition for Science Majors, Section N10, will be offered in Spring 98 as a distance learning course via computer-mediated communication (not TV courses). 

See registration instructions below:

GMU Campus:

Natural Science (Section N010) - taught by Virginia Montecino (e-mail: montecin@gmu.edu; web site: http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin

- 1st two meetings in person at GMU main campus - 
Tues, Jan 20; Thurs Jan 22 at 7:20 pm - 10:00 pm Rob A 105 

Course Description: This course fulfills the requirements for English 302 (students must achieve a grade of C or better to pass Engl 302). There is a significant amount of writing and research in English 302. A major research paper is required. Class activities (discussion, response to drafts, paper submission, etc,) will be conducted via various computer-mediated communication mediums. Students will use the Internet for research and reports. Students will create web pages and use a web-based discussion program called Townhall) for asynchronous class meetings. The instructor will meet in person with the class at the beginning of the semester to explain course requirements, review syllabus, discuss basic technology and modes of communication. At the end of the semeste r students will meet in person to present the critiques of web resources in their majors in an oral and web presentation.. 

Student prerequisites: third or fourth year students with a minimum of 45 credit hours, have a declared major appropriate for the section in which they enroll. 

Student Requirements:

  • proficiency with using GMU's osf1/mason system for e-mail and uploading/downloading files from a PC to osf1/mason and vice versa 
  • familiarity with navigating a Web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer 
  • sufficient motivation, self discipline, and technology skills to meet participation requirements and deadlines. 
Technology Requirements
  • GMU computer account (on osf1/mason). 
  • regular access to a computer (at least a 486 with Windows ( bare minimum 8 megs of RAM, or a MAC with System 7) with a 14.4 baud modem. The bare minimum will be slow, of course.
  • A graphical Web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer (free copies of Netscape and Winsock (for Windows 3.1 ) can be downloaded from the campus Web site.  For technology help and activate your mason e-mail see: UCIS support.  For computer technology "how-to" help, also see http://mason.gm u.edu/~montecin/how-to.htm. 

  • Feel free to direct course questions via e-mail to montecin@gmu.edu

    Syllabi on the instructor's web page may or may not be current at this posting. 

    Check out http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/table-sp97.htm for last year's dis ed course (may vary next semester) and 


    To enroll and find out further details, contact:

    English Department, George Mason University: 703-993-1160

    Robinson Hall A 487

    You must register in person in the English Department or contact English Department via telephone.

    No standard 4GMU telephone registration for this section