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Resources in the Disciplines
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Museums Online   and   Digital Art Associations
 Digital Art
  010101: Art in Technical Times - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art -  exhibitions in an interactive environment that "encourages individual and group exploration and learning" - Intel Corp.
  Beyond Interface - art exhibition composed entirely of Internet-based work, consisting of 24 works selected by a jury; the online exhibit is "among the first professionally curated surveys of  Internet-specific creativity" Curator - Steve Dietz for The Walker Art Gallery
  Bitstreams - Whitney  Museum of American Art
  Casting a Net - McLean Project for the Arts MPA's first juried exhibition of nine net artists that aims to present the diversity of approaches to creating art specifically for the Internet. 
Core Meltdown
  Digital Art Source - "your portal to the world of New Media Art"
  Dia Center for the Arts - New York
  E-space- San Francisco MOMA
  MOWA (Museum of Web Art) - "dedicated to the Art, Technology, and Culture of the World Wide Web
Plumb Design - "online experiences that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the interplay of ideas"
A Story of Net Art - Timeline of Web Art - artist Natalie Bookchin
Turbulence - commissions and supports Net art 
Wake - Gary Simmons DIA
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Museums Online   and   Digital Art Associations
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