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Blogger instructions for 
(to set up on your mason web space)

1) Go to (

2) See Create Your Own Blog

Click the "Start Now" button. You should see these fields: 

3) Complete the form, write down the user name and password you choose and click "Sign Up."

4) At the main blogger screen, look for the “Create a new blog” button and click it. 

5) You should see the "CREATE A BLOG" screen: 

 Choose a title which describes the theme of your web log (blog), and type a short description of the purpose for the blog or other introductory comments. 

Leave Yes at the Public Blog. Click Next

6) If you have a web page, check "FTP it to your own server." Click Next.  

[If you don't have a web page of your own, select "Host it at Blog Spot" and follow the instructions.]

7) The following illustration shows you how to configure your blog information so that the blogger.html file will be uploaded to your mason public_ html space.

You should see the following screen, with your mason server account information indicated. (Name your blog filename: blogger.html.  Insert your mason username in the Server Login "box" and insert your mason (not memo email) password in the Password window.

publish blog informaton

a. Select Publish via ftp.
b. In the Publisher Server "box" type
c.  Type
(Replace "~yourusername" with your mason account name and don't forget the tilde: ~. For ex: mine looks like this: ~montecin
d. Find your Path (to insert above). (Your ftp Path is the path leads to your space on the mason server.)
- - Windows Start option, select RUN.
- - Then type telnet in the "box."
- - At the prompt>: type in your mason account name, press ENTER
- - Type your password at the prompt.
- - Then at the> prompt, type: finger yourusername
[Replace "yourusername" with your mason account name.]
For example: finger montecin (Substitute your username for "montecin.")
Don't forget the space between "finger" and your username. 

You should see something like: /home/u5/yourusername [Substitute your mason account name for yourusername.] 

Your ftp path will be the path demonstrated in the graphic above with /public_html added on.

Write it down!

REMEMBER THE FILE NAME OF YOUR BLOGGER! [If you can't remember it, you can use an ftp program to see the filename in your Web space.] 

9) Choose a template (different graphical designs for your blog site) and click Finish

10)  Write your blog text and Post and Publish it.:

After a moment, you should see a "page" similar to this one:

Write Post and Publish

This page contains all the information you will need to post to comments to your web log. 

Include a title in the "Title" box.

Type the text you want to appear in the box below the title box. Then select Post & Publish. (See arrow, above.)

To see your web log, wait a few moments, and then type in the address you created for your web log.

11) Posting future blogs:

To add comments to your web log, simply go to, sign in on the right-hand side of the page, and click on the name of the web log (also on the right-hand side of the page) to which you want to add information.

Check your blog by entering the URL you have created for it. [If you posted it in your mason public_html space, the Web address should begin with [Verify the name of your blog you typed in #7, above.]

You can link your blogger file to your home page by making the address a link.

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