Activity 3: Drive Thru Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!
What Nutrients Energize You?

You are going for a trip on the web to plan out your meals for the day! You need to keep track of the energy nutrients. Be very careful to write down how many servings you are going to eat. After you plan your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, analyze your daily intake and compare it to the FDA recommendations.

Sites to Visit

These sites will open in a separate window so you can do your work! Arrange and size your windows so you can see the activity and see the nutrition information.

Questions for the Activity:

Click here to get the tables for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Make three copies to do your work.
  1. Analyze your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner separately. Which meals are within the recommendations? Which meal is heavier in fat, carbohydrate, and protein? Do you think that the total for the day will be withing the FDA recommendations?
  2. After you plan you three meals, draw the pie chart for your food intake for the three meals and the FDA recommended daily intake. Are you within the recommendations? Draw the graphs here and write the percentage from each nutrient in each region.
  3. Breakfast
    Daily Total
  4. If you are not within the recommendations, try changing three foods during the day to see if you can get in line with the recommendation. Write the changes you make. After you try to change your meals once, go to the next problem and use the TI-73 program NUTRITIO.
  5. Enter and run the TI-73 program NUTRITIO, given below, to quickly do the your work. Remember that all of the steps you just did to calculate your circle graphs is being done in much the same way when you use this program. See the TI-73 Guidebook for details on entering and running a program.

You will be asked to input the grams for each nutrient. Here is what you will see!

Nutrition Program for the TI-73

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