Mark Koyama

Current working papers

Resisting Education” with Jean-Paul Carvalho.

Jewish Persecutions and Weather Shocks 1100-1800” with Warren Anderson and Noel D. Johnson
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Development and Religious Polarization: The Emergence of Reform and Ultra-Orthodoxy Judaism” with Jean-Paul Carvalho

Unified China; Divided Europe” with Chiu Yu Ko and Tuan-Hwee Sng
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The Literary Inquisition: The Persecution of Intellectuals and Human Capital Accumulation in Imperial China” with Melanie Meng Xue.
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Work in Progess

Bones, Bacteria and Breaks: The Effects of the Black Death on Urban Economic Development ” with Remi Jebwab and Noel D. Johnson

The Birth of Religious Freedom: Liberalism, Rule of Law, and State Capacity, 1100-1800 (Book Project) ” with Noel D. Johnson

Published papers

Monetary Stability and the Rule of Law” with Blake Johnson. Journal of Financial Stability, Forthcoming 2014.
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Taxes, Lawyers, and the Decline of Witchcraft Trials in France” with Noel D. Johnson. Journal of Law and Economics, February 2014.
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The Law & Economics of Private Prosecutions in Industrial Revolution England Public Choice 159,1-2, pp. 277-298 March 2014
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Tax Farming and the Origins of State Capacity in England and France” with Noel D. Johnson. Explorations in Economic History 51,1, pp. 1-20 January 2014
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Legal Centralization and the Birth of the Secular State” with Noel D. Johnson. Journal of Comparative Economics 41, 4, pp. 959–978 November 2013
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The Transformation of Labor Supply in the Pre-Industrial WorldJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization 82, 2, pp. 505-523 February 2012
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Prosecution Associations in Industrial Revolution England: Private Providers of Public Goods?Journal of Legal Studies 41, 1, pp. 95-130 January 2012
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Evading the taint of usury: the usury prohibition as a barrier to entryExplorations in Economic History 47, 4, pp. 420-442 December 2010
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The political economy of expulsion: the regulation of Jewish moneylending in medieval EnglandConstitutional Political Economy 32, 4, pp. 374-406 December 2010
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Book reviews and Review Papers

Preindustrial Cliometrics: A Review Article. Economic Affairs 33, 2, pp. 268-279 2013
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Review of Timur Kuran’s The Long DivergencePublic Choice Vol. 154, Issue 3-4, pp 341-343 March 2013

Review of Douglas W. Allen’s The Institutional [html]

Review of James K. Galbraith’s The Predator State.Economic Affairs vol. 29 N.1 March, 2009 [gated]