Mark Koyama

Current working papers

Resisting Education” with Jean-Paul Carvalho.

Jewish Persecutions and Weather Shocks 1100-1800” with Warren Anderson and Noel D. Johnson
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Development and Religious Polarization: The Emergence of Reform and Ultra-Orthodoxy Judaism” with Jean-Paul Carvalho

Unified China; Divided Europe” with Chiu Yu Ko and Tuan-Hwee Sng
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Work in Progess

The Literary Inquisition: The Persecution of Intellectuals and Human Capital Accumulation in Imperial China” with Melanie Meng Xue.

Published papers

Monetary Stability and the Rule of Law” with Blake Johnson. Journal of Financial Stability, Forthcoming 2014.
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Taxes, Lawyers, and the Decline of Witchcraft Trials in France” with Noel D. Johnson. Journal of Law and Economics, February 2014.
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The Law & Economics of Private Prosecutions in Industrial Revolution England Public Choice 159,1-2, pp. 277-298 March 2014
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Tax Farming and the Origins of State Capacity in England and France” with Noel D. Johnson. Explorations in Economic History 51,1, pp. 1-20 January 2014
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Legal Centralization and the Birth of the Secular State” with Noel D. Johnson. Journal of Comparative Economics 41, 4, pp. 959–978 November 2013
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The Transformation of Labor Supply in the Pre-Industrial WorldJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization 82, 2, pp. 505-523 February 2012
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Prosecution Associations in Industrial Revolution England: Private Providers of Public Goods?Journal of Legal Studies 41, 1, pp. 95-130 January 2012
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Evading the taint of usury: the usury prohibition as a barrier to entryExplorations in Economic History 47, 4, pp. 420-442 December 2010
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The political economy of expulsion: the regulation of Jewish moneylending in medieval EnglandConstitutional Political Economy 32, 4, pp. 374-406 December 2010
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Book reviews and Review Papers

Preindustrial Cliometrics: A Review Article. Economic Affairs 33, 2, pp. 268-279 2013
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Review of Timur Kuran’s The Long DivergencePublic Choice Vol. 154, Issue 3-4, pp 341-343 March 2013

Review of Douglas W. Allen’s The Institutional [html]

Review of James K. Galbraith’s The Predator State.Economic Affairs vol. 29 N.1 March, 2009 [gated]