Quiz 1

The quiz for unit 1 has three parts:

1. Given a text with accent marks left out, you place the accent marks.

2. Given a text in which the accent marks are all correctly placed, you choose the reason for each accent mark.

3. Given sentences containing agreement mistakes, you correct them by rewriting only one word in each sentence.

Quiz 2

The quiz for unit 2 may include any of the following tasks:

1. given infinitives, supply the present, imperfect, or preterit

2. given verbs in the present or preterit, state what tense the form is in and supply the infinitive

3. given a text with verbs in the present tense, state which of the three uses of the present is represented

4. given a text with verbs in the imperfect and preterit tenses, state which of the three uses of the imperfect or which of the three uses of the preterit is represented

Quiz 3

The quiz for unit 3 includes the following:

1. given infinitives, supply the present subjunctive or past subjunctive

2. given commands, indicate whether the command is for TÚ or USTED and supply the command for the opposite person

3. given examples of complex sentences, state whether each highlighted verb is indicative or subjunctive; dependent or independent

Quiz 4

The quiz for unit 4 includes the following:

1. given verbs in the present indicative tense, supply the future or conditional

2. given conditional sentences with one of the verbs given and the other left blank, (1) determine from the tense of the given verb if the condition is possible or impossible; (2) determine whether the blank represents the independent or dependent verb, and based on the information determined in steps 1 and 2, (3) given an infinitive, supply the correct tense of the missing verb

3. classify examples of the conditional tense according to whether the situation is (A) imaginary (B) courtesy (C) past future or (D) probability in the past

Quiz 5

The quiz for unit 5 includes the following:

1. Keeping in mind the appropriate tense, decide whether SER or ESTAR is necessary in a given context and insert the proper form.

2. Classify uses of SER and ESTAR according to the type of complement and relevant semantic criteria.

Quiz 6

The quiz for unit 6 includes the following:

1. Fill in the blank with one of the pronouns LO, LA, LE, LOS, LAS, LES, SE.

2. Classify uses of indirect objects.

3. Classify uses of SE.

Quiz 7

The quiz for unit 7 includes the following:

1. Given infinitives, supply the present participle; and present perfect indicative and subjunctive, past perfect indicative and subjunctive, future perfect, or conditional perfect tenses.

2. Classify uses of the present participle.

3. Identify the tense of each verb within a text.

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