Foreign Languages 573
Current Trends in Language Pedagogy: Foreign Language Anxiety

Summer 2005

Professor Mark G. Goldin
Thompson 233
Phone 993-1231; Fax 993-1245
Office hours Monday through Thursday, 11:45-12:15


Understanding Second Language Learning Difficulties, by Madeline E. Ehrman. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1996.

Affect in Foreign Language and Second Language Learning, ed. by Dolly J. Young. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1998.

Class Schedule

(subject to probable revision)

Date Readings and other activities
June 27Human subjects research:
June 29Ehrman, chapters 1-3; Young, chapter 1
July 6Ehrman, chapter 4; Young, chapters 2-3
First visit to a class
July 8 Ehrman, chapter 5; Young, chapter 4
July 11Ehrman, chapter 6; Young, chapter 5
Second visit to a class
First portfolio assignment
July 13Ehrman, chapter 7; Young, chapter 6
Visit with Madeline Ehrman
July 15Ehrman, chapter 8; Young, chapter 7
July 18Ehrman, chapter 9; Young, chapter 8-9
Second portfolio assignment
July 20Ehrman, chapter 10; Young, chapter 10
July 25Young, chapter 11
July 27Young, chapter 12
August 1Young, chapter 13
Case study complete


20%: Young, page 61, portfolio assignment 1 or 2 (July 11)
20%: Young, page 103, portfolio assignment 1 or 2 (July 18)
40%: Case study (August 1)
20%: Class participation (including the personal reflections at the beginning of each chapter in the Young volume)