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About Argentina
Buenos Aires Herald

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, a child
was born. All of the people in the land knew
that this child had been born under auspicious
signs which predicted that she would reach a certain stature (although she was very short...)

But for the first years, all the child would do was
sit in her room reading her favorite comic strip......
Mafalda Mafalda
As she grew up, her interests expanded to
include the dance of the land,
listen to tango
buenos aires tango
The people of the land waited, for they were certain of her destiny.
They waited, and waited, and their patience paid off. The child
went on a journey to a new land where she not only was successful
in her career, but found the love of her life and had two very special
daughters. She is now living happily ever after in the land known as
The United States (more specifically, Maryland).

Here are some highlights of her life through photographs with the
people who have given her "something I treasure: books filled with
magic and wisdom."

Below are some of her recommended links.
An excellent browser of the
The Instituto Cervantes in New York
offers many services, and has a
great video collection.
also in English.
The official site of the Real Academia Española offers help in many areas, from dictionaries to doubts, verb conjugations, linguistic advice, and more.
The first worldwide server
in Spanish:
For students and instructors of film: Spanish radio stations
from around the world
The Internet Movie Database
The University of Texas has an excellent Latin American Network Information Center.
My curriculum vitae is available here
email me here

Martha Paley Francescato (martísima)

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