The Literature Review
Key purposes of the literature review:

  1. to familiarize yourself with the methodology, content and conclusions of others' research on your chosen issue, need or problem and to articulate the key research issues relevant to your issue, need or problem
    • purpose: to insure that you understand the broad context to your specific issue, need or problem and to avoid the duplication of existing research, especially flawed or outdated research

  2. to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of various methodologies and methods for research
    • purpose: to comprehend more deeply the relationship between methodology, methods and results and to choose the most appropriate and productive methods for your data collection about your issue, need or problem

  3. to familiarize yourself with potential successful responses to your chosen issue, need or problem which others have both attempted and evaluated for their effectiveness
    • purpose: to help you to learn from other researchers' experiences and to guarantee that when you choose and implement your specific responses you are aware of both the advantages and disadvantages attached to these, or similar, responses when implemented elsewhere

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