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works as:
Associate Professor in New Century College, George Mason University's undergraduate integrative studies program, and as an affiliate faculty member in the Higher Education Program

taught in Spring '14
NCLC 203: Inquiry into Action

is teaching in Fall '14
NCLC 202: Public Speaking and Critical Thinking
NCLC 245: Visual Culture and Society

is listening to:
holiday music and too many BBC podcasts.

is reading:
Claudia Rankine and Johnny Saldana


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"i believe that redemption is never impossible and always equivocal"
ellen willis, first rock critic of the new yorker
























On film: "Film is like a battleground: love, hate, action, violence, death."

On film & war:"The only way you could … really let the audience feel what it's like is to fire live ammo over the heads of the people in the audience."




















Samuel Fuller, US film director






"When feedback devices are built directly into the distribution circuits, the sources of desire are directly available to corporate monitoring" (Brian Holmes)

"Taking someone who’s uninsured and giving them insurance unambiguously improves their health but taking someone who’s well-insured and making them really well-insured doesn’t make them any healthier" (Jonathan Gruber, Health Economist)