The Norwegian Puffin Dog

So what's the "norwegian puffin dog" test all about? 

Last year during a web search I stumbled upon a unique breed of dog called the Norwegian Puffin Dog, or Lundehund.  The dogs themselves are small and recommended for people without much "dog space" at home, and since I am a proud Norwegian American, I was compelled to find out more information about these dogs. 

Well, as it turns out, there are not lots of them in the US (should have guessed from the name, eh?), so finding information about them wasn't too easy.  But it wasn't too hard either...I could usually find at least one good link from a query to a search engine or directory.  This factor, the not "too easy, not too hard" factor, became my benchmark search term for new Internet directories and search engines. 

Since the topic itself is not overly academic yet not totally tabloid, it seemed to be a fair standard measure, so I started rating engines and directories in terms of "Lundies," or the number of websites an engine or directory returned after a standard "simple search" for "norwegian puffin dog." 


If an engine or directory doesn't come up with any "Lundies,"  I then try "darwin fish."  After that, I just go about my merry way without doing another benchmark test.


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Last Update: May 16, 2005