Life: Levels of Organization, Cell Structure & Function, Major Processes for Fueling Lifeís Activity

EVPP 110 Lecture
Dr. Largen - Fall 2003

Levels of Organization of Life

Structure of the Cell

Introduction to the cell

All cells share fundamental features

Introduction to the cell

Energy converting organelles

Fueling the activities of life

Fueling the activities of life

How organisms harvest energy from food molecules

Cellular Respiration

Introduction to Cellular Respiration

Fig. 4.8 - Cellular repsiration

Introduction to Cellular Respiration

Basic Mechanisms of Energy Release & Storage

Mechanisms of Energy Release & Storage

Stages of Cellular Respiration

Using Light to Make Food

Photosynthesis uses light energy to make food molecules

Fig. 4.7 - photosynthesis

Autotrophs are the producers of the biosphere

Photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts

Plants produce O2 gas by splitting water

Photosynthesis is a redox process, as is cellular respiration

Photosynthesis occurs in two stages

The end