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K. Hintz Research Interests

August 30, 2009 

  • Current Research Sponsors
    • Office of Naval Research (ONR) through NAVSEA Panama City for syntactic pattern recognition applied to detection of landmines utilizing ground penetrating radars and the detection of snipers before they shoot
  • Image Processing
    • Syntactic Pattern Recognition
    • Thermal, X-ray, SAR, and visual image processing


  • Information Based Sensor Management

  • Marine Science and Engineering
    • THELMA, Turtle habitat environmental light measurement application. Senior project and paper to be presented at SPIE DSS 2014, Baltimore.
    • I also have an interest in developing in situ instrumentation for the monitoring of the health of coral reefs and determining why long-spined sea urchins (diadema Antillarum) have not recovered since their massive die off in 1983.  More information on diadema and our repopulation efforts can be found at my marine web site which includes images from several SCUBA diving water sample collection trips and NSF cruises.
    • I have collected multiple water samples at Bahamian coral reefs with and without diadema and these are currently being analyzed for nutrients and trace metals in order to determine a cause for the slow recovery of the diadema.  This data collection effort will be integrated and analyzed during a sabbatical approved for Spring 2009.