About the Stand...

This page has two primary purposes. The first (the required part)is a portal for sending, receiving and archiving HI 697 (History and New Media) class material. The second (the optional part) is a venue for dissemination of some of the products of my work in history in general. As should be evident from the posting, the first purpose is hogging most of the space, but after the semester is over this should change. As for the name, Josie is my faithful dog. "Hot Dog Stand" just came to me when we were discussing blog construction, and I haven't been able to come up with a name I like better.

Josie Herself I think I might be getting the hang of this editing thing. It looks like the "editing environment" I was looking for is in fact Dreamweaver. The filetype one creates in a .htm file, and the compiler or engine that runs the file is the default browser, which recognizes the filetype and "runs" it by posting it in accordance with the coding within the file.. Pretty slick.

Now I have to make a list, which I think I can almost do from memory. Or I can cheat and just copy in what I produced last night.

Now that I've tried to float and background images, I do have some bones to pick with the CSS book. The examples are good as far as they go, but they don't go far enough. The order and syntax for the different formats aren't well specified, so it's hard to know where to place the alignment, float or background tags. Annoying, but not insurmountable. The example sheets will offer some help - I hope.