BIOL 471 - Evolution

Spring 2012

James D. Lawrey (see for office hours)

 Week of:


Discussion readings:




Jan 23

Introduction, adaptation and selection

Gould (Darwin and Paley)

Jan 30

Sexual selection, kin selection Paper and poster topic must be approved by Thurs Feb 2

Paczolt & Jones. 2010. Nature 464:401-404.

Feb 6

Conflict and cooperation First paragraph (introduction) of paper due Thursday Feb 9

Web exercise; Ridley (Self-interest)

Feb 13

Life histories Peer review of paper due Thursday Feb 16

Gould (Hyena myths and realities)

Feb 20

Life histories, modes of reproduction Seminar Tuesday

Gould (Humongous fungus); Ridley (Why sex?); Zimmer, C. 2009. Science 324: 1254-1256

Feb 27

Modes of reproduction

Morran et al. 2011. Science 333:216-218

Mar 5

Midterm Exam March 8  Review due Thursday March 8


Mar 12



Mar 19

Population genetics Seminar Tuesday: Robert Lücking, Field Museum, Chicago

Castaway lizards article in WaPo; Kolbe et al. 2012. Science doi 10.1126/science.1209566; Gould (Magnolias from Moscow)

Mar 26

Molecular evolution

Ridley (Fate)

Apr 2

Evolution of genes and genomes

Cagliani et al. 2011. Evolution 65:3311-3322. Ridley (Immortality)

Apr 9

Phylogenies and classification

Web exercises; Toups et al. 2011. MBE 28:29-32. Gould (Evolution by walking)

Apr 16

Species Revised version of review due Thursday April 19

Gould (A special fondness for beetles)

Apr 23

Tree of life

Gould (Full of hot air)

Apr 30

Finale POSTER SESSION, Poster grades due by Tuesday next week 

Avise (Intelligent or nonintelligent design?)

May  10

FINAL EXAM 1030-1315

Please email the instructor if you see anything that needs to be corrected or updated

Packets of readings (Avise, Carroll, Gould and Ridley) available from the University Bookstore. Web exercises linked to course website. Other readings as pdfs obtainable from the library or on Blackboard.

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