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 Take-home pop quiz (History, Selection) Due no later than 1:30 pm Monday Jan. 31, 2005

Read Chapters 2-3 in the textbook and answer the following questions.  Open book, work alone.

1.(2) How does William Cliff's hypothesis developed in the 18th century (it has come to be known as the "Law of Succession") support the general theory of evolution?

2.(2) Why is the concept of homology important in evolution?  Give examples of homologous and nonhomologous (analogous) traits.

3.(2) Numerous studies of the Galapagos finches (sometimes called Darwin's finches) indicate the effects of short-term natural selection on these populations  Briefly give one example.

4.(2) Opponents to teaching evolution in public schools have recently taken to promoting the teaching of "Intelligent Design" theory.  But this idea is not new; it was first proposed by William Paley in 1802.  What was Paley's logic, and how does it relate to the presentday concept of Intelligent Design?

5.(2) Why are crystallin proteins, such as those found in eye lenses, not good examples to use to argue for irreducible biochemical complexity (an argument that forms the basis for Intelligent Design)?