For the quiz this week read the review of Svante Pääbo published in Nature (2003, vol. 421, pp. 409-412, pdf file found here ).  This provides an excellent overview of the results of recent human genomic analysis.  After reading the article, be prepared to answer the following questions about these results.

    PDF files require Acrobat Reader (free) to view and print.

1.(2) According to the article, how similar are the genomes of all humans currently alive today?

2.(2) How is this variation structured in human genomes?

3.(2) How similar are human genomes to other present-day great ape species?

4.(2) Based on human genomic studies, there now appear to be no fixed genetic differences between groups we typically recognize as human races.  What genetic basis is there for what we call human racial groups?

5.(2) In the search for genetic causes of functional differences between humans and other great apes, what sorts of comparisons can be made to shed light on this?