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BIOL 471 is a course in three parts:  (1) selection and adaptation (selection, reproduction, life histories); (2) microevolution (population genetics, molecular evolution, genomic evolution); and (3) phylogenetic reconstruction (classification, species, historical evolution).  Available to juniors or seniors who have taken BIOL 311 or a college course in genetics.

The objective of this course is for students:  (1) to appreciate the scope of modern evolutionary biology and genetics; (2) to become familiar with the professional literature in evolutionary biology; (3) to communicate evolution concepts to the public by means of  written reports, posters and/or presentations; (4) to hear research reports presented by evolutionary biologists.

General Policies

Sample Exams

Course Syllabus

Poster Scoresheet

Using the GMU Computer System

Posters and poster research

Course Instructors

Poster Topics Available

Web exercises

Guide to Writing - Biological Sciences


Evolution online resources

WWW Index - Evolution

Geological Time Periods
PALAEOS: The trace of life on earth

Society for the Study of Evolution - the Journal Evolution
BioOne Journals (including Evolution)
Darwin online: all works including Origin of Species (1859)
Wallace:  On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely from the Original Type (1858)
National Academy of Sciences - Evolution
American Museum of Natural History
Natural History Magazine
Smithsonian Institution-Department of Paleobiology
“Tree of Life” Phylogeny
Phylogeny of Life—UC Berkeley
Origin of Life-NASA
Smithsonian Human Origins
Human Genome Project--glossary
Talk Origins
The Panda's Thumb

Willi Hennig Society
Statements from scientific societies about evolution
NIH Podcast of 'God, Darwin & Design' by Kenneth Miller
John Kyrk's Illustrated Timeline (13.7 billion years)
A guide to teaching evolution (Univ. Calif. Berkeley)



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