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Rock Creek Park

Permanent Lichen Biomonitoring Sites in ROCR

The Rock Creek Park is one of the original NPS parks, established in 1890 at the edge of Washington, D.C. to provide a natural area for recreation. Preserving the tributary and its boundary stream valley, the Park extends approximately 15 km from the Washington, D.C.-Maryland border south to the Potomac River.

Three permanent lichen biomonitoring sites have been established in the Park, some near sites that have been studied previously. At each location, abundance of tree-inhabiting macrolichens was recorded and  a specimen of the common lichen Flavoparmelia caperata was collected for elemental analysis.

Links are available to each site location, where all available data can be obtained. Summary data can also be obtained for all sites in ROCR:

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ROCR 01 Peirce Mill
ROCR 02 Nature Center
ROCR 03 North End