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George Washington Memorial Parkway

Permanent Lichen Biomonitoring Sites in GWMP

Designed as a greenway to the Nation's Capital, the George Washington Memorial Parkway includes 7374 acres of parkland as well, inlcuding Great Falls Park, Turkey Run Park, and Dyke Marsh in Virginia, Glen Echo Park in Maryland, and Theodore Roosevelt Park in the District of Columbia. The parks preserve a variety of habitats and numerous rare, threatened or endangered species.

Five permanent lichen biomonitoring sites have been established in the GWMP, one (at Great Falls) near a site that has been studied previously. At each location, abundance of tree-inhabiting macrolichens was recorded and  a specimen of the common lichen Flavoparmelia caperata was collected for elemental analysis.

Links are available to each site location, where all available data can be obtained. Summary data can also be obtained for all sites in GWMP:

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GWMP 01 Great Falls
GWMP 02 Turkey Run
GWMP 04 Dyke Marsh
GWMP 05 Fort Hunt