Visual and Spatial Reasoning in Design II

Edited by
John S Gero, Barbara Tversky and Terry Purcell
Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition
University of Sydney, 2001
ISBN 1 86487 102 4, 347pp




Session 1
Multiple mental spaces
Barbara Tversky

Space as a basis for reasoning
Merideth Gattis

Spatial representation of design thinking in virtual space
Yu-Tung Liu

Session 2
Planning, visualization and the active user
Ernest Edmonds

Emergence in a recognition based drawing interface
Mark D Gross

Dual deep-structure to associate a shape with its linguistic description
Haruyuki Fujii, Yoshitsugu Aoki and Makoto Inage

Session 3
When is reasoning visual?
George Stiny

Symmetry and equality of shapes
Chris F Earl

Entropic-based similarity and complexity measures of 2D archtectural drawings
John S Gero and Vladimir Kazakov

Session 4
Is sketching an aid to memory or a kind of thinking?
Tim Smithers

Is a figure-concept binary argumentation pattern inherent in visual design reasoning?
Gabriela Goldschmidt

Seeing into sketches: regrouping parts encourages new interpretations
Masaki Suwa, Barbara Tversky, John S Gero and Terry Purcell

Session 5
Working memory: a mental space for design and discovery
Robert H Logie

Working memory and expertise differences in design
David G Pearson, Clare Alexander and Robin Webster

Spatial mental content and visual design
Pertti Saariluoma and Isto Maarttola

Session 6
Sketches as affordances of meanings in the design process
Hsien-Hui Tang and John S Gero

Ideas, the embodiment of ideas, and drawing: an experimental investigation of inventing
Vasilije Kokotovich andTerry Purcell

Sketching, analogies, and creativity on the shared
research interests of psychologists and designers
Ilse M Verstijnen, Ann Heylighen, Johan Wagemans
and Herman Neuckermans

Session 7
Qualitative spatial reasoning based on algebraic topology
Boi Falting

Towards autonomous layout design
Susan Epstein

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