Visual Imagery and Creativity: Conceptualization and Assessment
Important Dates
May 9 Submissions due
May 16 Notification of acceptance
22 June 2:00pm-5:30pm Workshop

Workshop Aim:

Creativity is a fascinating and frequently used concept in design and one of the highly controversial topics in scientific research. It is rather vague and broad term that it is difficult to conceptualize and even more difficult to measure. Another fascinating concept is "imagery", which is hard to measure construct and a very challenging research topic. Imagery if often thought to contribute to creativity, and imagery-creativity connection has been supported by both anecdotal reports and empirical studies. However, the lack of clear distinction in conceptualization of imagery and creativity makes it challenging to study and measure these constructs.

The goal of this workshop is to explore questions related to conceptualization and assessment of visual Imagery and creativity.

Specifically, the workshop aims to discuss:

  • Defining imagery, imagination, and creativity
  • Relationships between dimensions of imagery and creativity
  • Cognitive and neural underpinnings of imagery and creativity
  • Imagery role in creativity

Finally, this workshop aims to bring together specialists from different disciplines such as design and cognitive research. It intends to create an inspiring and interactive environment, providing both learning and dialogue opportunities for those who is interested in visual imagery, creativity, and their assessment. It aims to provide an opportunity for fruitful discussions and ideas sharing, leading to useful theoretical insights and inspiring the development of valid and reliable assessments of imagery and creativity.

Workshop Chair
Olesya Blazhenkova (olesya@sabanciuniv.edu)
Program Committee

Nicholas LeBoutillier. Middlesex University, UK
Maria Kozhevnikov. National University of Singapore, Singapore
Gabriela Goldschmidt. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,Israel
Mary Hegarty. University of California Santa Barbara, USA

Workshop Notes

Workshop format:

- Introduction. Introduction by the chair that will overview the current state of research on imagery and creativity, and highlight the challenges and perspectives of imagery and creativity conceptualization and assessment.
- Conceptualization of visual imagery and creativity. Presenters will share their research and theoretical views on imagery and creativity.
Short presentations will be followed by discussion devoted to these presentations. The discussion aims to integrate the content of the presentations and outline the key issues in conceptualization of visual imagery and creativity.
- Assessment of visual imagery and creativity. Speakers will present assessment tools and methodological approaches in measurement of imagery and creativity. They will share their knowledge and experience in measurement of visual imagery and creativity, and will demonstrate the techniques used in their own research.
Then, workshop participants will break into small groups and will have an opportunity to discuss and to learn more about the specific methods.
- Wrap up discussion. The final wrap up discussion will be devoted to the measurement approaches that have been presented and tools in the light of theoretical approaches and conceptualization of imagery and creativity. The opportunities for future research and development of the assessments will be discussed.

Submission information:

Potential speakers are requested to submit a short 1-page proposal to the Workshop Chair Olesya Blazhenkova by e-mail at olesya@sabanciuniv.edu .
If you intend to present on Conceptualization of visual imagery and creativity, please, describe your research contributions to the area and include relevant publications.
If you intend to present on Assessment of visual imagery and creativity, please, describe the assessment tool(s) and include links to videos or other media if relevant.

Attendees at the workshop need to register either as an addition to the DCC'14 conference registration at a cost of £20, or if not registered for the conference at a cost of £40. Please go the main DCC14 conference page and then to Registration to register.

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