Benchmarking Functional Models
Important Dates
May 9 Submissions due
May 16 Notification of acceptance
22 June 2:00pm –5:30pm Workshop

Workshop Aim:

Multiple functional modelling approaches, each illustrated with specific examples, have been presented in the literature, with many taught in academia and some adopted in industry. This workshop aims to discuss how different functional modelling approaches could be benchmarked.

The workshop participants will discuss criteria, benchmark problems, and modes of operation around different functional models for a simple product. The aim to this workshop is to introduce benchmarking for functional models as a necessary and valid mechanism for scientific inquiry.

This workshop organisers is a prelude to a separate event, where currently competing models can be benchmarked in detail. This workshop is an opportunity for the community to input into this benchmarking process.

Workshop Chair
Claudia Eckert (c.m.eckert (@) open.ac.uk
Joshua Summers (jsummer (@) clemson.edu
Program Committee
  • Pieter Vermaas,
  • Ashok Goel
  • John Gero
  • Albert Albers
Workshop Notes

Submission information:
Please send a one page statement of interest in functional benchmarking and, if you have your own functional model, send that too.

The models will be uploaded to the workshop website to allow people to look at them before the workshop.

This workshop will use a Stanley Mini-Trigger Glue gun as an example. We encourage workshop participants to buy a glue gun prior to attending the workshop. They can be purchased from Amazon. Click here for a UK purchase.

Workshop format:
2:00 pm Welcome and Inroduction
2:20 pm Pieter Vermaas: Benchmarking as a Research Method
2:50pm Joshua Summers and Claudia Eckert: Presentation of benchmarking process and criteria with discussion
3:50pm Break
3:45pm Benchmarking of the function models
- presentations of different functional models of the glue gun
- discussion of differences between the models
- systematic benchmarking by group benchmarking in small groups
5:00pm Discussion, reflection, next steps
5:30pm Close

Attendees at the workshop need to register either as an addition to the DCC'14 conference registration at a cost of £20, or if not registered for the conference at a cost of £40. Please go the main DCC14 conference page and then to Registration to register.

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