Schedule of Posters to be Presented in Poster Session 2

Poster Authors Poster Title
Carlos Barrios A Theoretical Foundation for a Periodic Multidimensional Lattice Structure for Parametric Modeling and Design
Claus Cramer-Petersen and Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen An Experimental Study of Reasoning in Design: Testing the Pattern of Reasoning in Conceptual Design
Newton D'Souza and Bimal Balakrishnan Mizzou International Symposium on Creativity and New Media: Studying Media Affordances and Design Creativity
Georgi Georgiev, Kaori Yamada and Toshiharu Taura An Analysis of Viewpoints during Evaluation of Productss
Christoph Hölscher, Ruth Dalton, Martin Tomko and Saskia Kuliga Towards Computer-Assisted Wayfinding Support - Interview-based Needs Analysis Across Stakeholders
Mi Jeong Kim and Sung Jun Park The Effect of 3D CAD Applications on Students' 3D Capability in Design Education
Tomislav Martinec, Neven Pavković and Dorian Marjanović A Design Information Traceability Visualization Through Network of Diagrams
Chris McManus and Paul Gesiak Experimenting with Mondrian: Comparing the Method of Production with the Method of Choice
Cherkadu Mohinder, Sridhar Sudarshan and Joshua Summers Structural Complexity Metrics Applied Against Product Graphs: Predicting Market Price and Assembly Time from Function and Assembly Models
Jonathan Mougin, Jean-François Boujut, Franck Pourroy and Grégory Poussier A Descriptive Model of Knowledge Transfer within Communities
Peter Ngo, Brianna Lucero, Cameron Turner and Julie Linsey DAPPS- Design Analogy Performance Parameter System: An Analogy Retrieval Tool
Jae Wan Park An Emergent Approach for New Urban Media - Developing a Mobile Outdoor Media Platform in the Built Environments
Ali Rashidi and Rahinah Ibrahim Engaging Cognition for Imroving Capability Training Through Serious Gaming
Yamini Ravishankar Bio-inspired Fog-Harvesting Mechanism
Kate Reed and Duncan Gillies Parametric Chair Generator
Colleen Seifert, Seda Yilmaz, Shanna Daly and Richard Gonzalez What Happens when Creativity is Exhausted? The Role of Design Tools
Vishal Singh Environmental Perturbation and Perception on Innovation-Related Needs: Implications for Design Management
Daniel Smithwick and Lawrence Sass Physical Design Cognition: Embodied Intelligence for Taming the Digitally Fabricated Singapore Horses
Tiemen Strobbe, Pieter Pauwels, Ronald De Meyer and Jan Van Campenhout Design Space Exploration Using a Shape Grammar Implementation
Hsien-Hui Tang The Influence of Members' Creativity Potentials and Concept Evolution on Collaborative Design Results: A Protocol Study using Torrance Test and Linkography
Arno Verhoeven, Claudia Eckert and Chris Earl The Role of Difference in Reflective Design Activity
Marcin Wójcik and Sylwia Kłaczyńska Continuing the 'Continua': Application of Thin Plywood in Construction through Biologically Inspired Approach
Patrick Wollner, Patrick Langdon and P John Clarkson Assessing User Performance of Digital Interfaces through the Utilisation of Factor Graphs
Saied Zarrinmehr, Mohammad Rahmani Asl, Mark Clayton and Geoffrey Booth Topographic Representation of Pedestrian Cognition: Integrating the Impacts of Environmental Qualities to Plan Walking Paths