Schedule of Posters to be Presented in Poster Session 1

Poster Authors Poster Title
Kinda Al-Sayed
City-to-City learning: A Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Urban Design
Pierre-Emmanuel Arduin, Marie-Hélène Abel and Benoît Eynard Impact of Individual Cognition on the Specification and Development of Computing Systems: A case study for Product Lifecycle Management Systems
Ryan Arlitt, Sebastian Immel, Friederich Berthelsdorf and Robert Stone
A Game-with-a-Purpose Framework to Facilitate Biologically Inspired Design
Deborah Benros, Sara Eloy and Jose Duarte Re-inventing Portuguese Ceramic Tiles: Using Shape Grammars as Generative Method and theImpact on Design Methodologyn
Ganesh Bhutkar, Dinesh Katre, Dhiraj Jadhav and G. G. Ray Cognitive Walkthrough of Medical User Interface of Ventilator System in Intensive Care Unit
Maxime Cunin and Catherine Elsen The Impact of Architectural Representations on Conveying anIntent - An Exploratory Study
Adam Davis, Sean Hanna and Francis Aish Characterising Place by Scene Depth
Bryony Dupont and Chris Hoyle Automation and Optimization of Engineering Design Team Selection Considering Personality Types
Wendy W Fok Whose Digital Property
Haruyuki Fujii, Hideyuki Nakashima and Masaki Suwa FNS Diagram - A Model of Synthesis
Laura Harrison, Chris Earl and Claudia Eckert Designs with Moving Parts: Rules for Action and Reflectionn
Rahinah Ibrahim Sustainable Design Informatics: Managing Dynamic Knowledge Flows in Innovation Enterprises
Tim Ireland and Jaime F. Cardenas-Garcia A Distributed Cognition Approach to Design
Mi Jeong Kim and Sung Jun Park Enhancing the Visual Tempreature Comfort in a Space Using a Mental Image – Based on Regional Digital Colors
Sun-Joong Kim and Ji-Hyun Lee Information Modelling and Factor Analysis to Figure Out the Direction for Optimal Bio-model Search in Biomimetic Designs
Reinhard Koenig, Ihab Hamzi Hijazi, Sven Schneider, Xin Li, Martin Bielik, Gerhard Schmitt and Dirk Donath Using geostatistical analysis to detect similarities in emotional responses of urban walkers to urban space
Sooyeon Lee and Daniel McAdams A Method for Computer Translation of Biological Jargon for the Purposes of Bioinspired Engineering Design
Mary Lou Maher, Tim Clausner, Kazjon Grace and Alberto Gonzalez A Protocol Analysis Methodology for Tangible Interaction to Enhance Creative Cognition
Hideyuki Nakashima, Haruyuki Fujii and Masaki Suwa Service as Value Co-creation in a Design Process
Asya Natapov Exploring Visual Perception of Urban Environment by means of Random Walks
Juan Quiroz, Amit Banerjee and Sergiu Dascalu Patentability of Design State Space
Thora Tenbrink Cognitive Discourse Analysis for Design Cognition
Wen-Chia Wang, Mark Young and Steve Love The Relationship between Cognitive Style and Users’ Operational Behaviour on Mobile Phone Interfaces