List of Accepted Papers

Paper Title
Niccolò Becattini, Gaetano Cascini and Federico Rotini An OTSM-TRIZ based framework towards the computer-aided identification of cognitive processes in design protocols Italy
Deborah Benros, Jose Duarte and Sean Hanna The inference of generic housing rules: A methodology to explain and recreate Palladian villas, prairie houses and Malagueira houses UK, Portugal
Olesya Blazhenkova and Maria Kozhevnikov Collaborative creativity: Integration of linkography and analysis of visualization processes Turkey, USA
Prasad Bokil Application of Function-Behaviour-Structure variables for layout design India
David C Brown Computational design creativity evaluation USA
Janet Burge and Raymond McCall Diagnosing wicked problems USA
Leonardo Burlamaqui and Andy Dong The use and misuse of the concept of affordance Australia
Hernan Casakin and Petra Badke-Schaub Mental models and creativity in engineering and Architectural design teams Israel, Netherlands
Gaetano Cascini and Francesca Montagna Situating needs and requirements in a multi-stakeholder context Italy
Eduardo Castro E Costa and José Pinto Duarte Generic shape grammars for mass customization of ceramic tableware Portugal
Athanassios Economou and Sotirios Kotsopoulos From shape rules to rule schemata and back USA
John Gero, Hao Jiang, Kinga Dobolyi, Brooke Bellows and Mick Smythwood How do interruptions during designing affect design cognition? USA, China
Alberto Giretti, Roberta Ansuini and Massimo Lemma A probabilistic approach to conceptual design support Italy
Ashok Goel, Gongbo Zhang, Bryan Wiltgen, Yuqi Zhang, Swaroop Vattam and Jeannette Yen The design study library: Collecting, analyzing and using case studies of biologically inspired design USA
Kazjon Grace, Mary Lou Maher, Doug Fisher and Katherine Brady Modeling expectation for evaluating surprise in design creativity USA
Elise Gruhier, Frédéric Demoly and Samuel Gomes A spatiotemporal mereotopology-based theory for qualitative description in assembly design and sequence planning France
Christopher Hoyle, Irem Tumer and Brady Gilchrist A structural equation modeling approach to product innovation USA
Patrick Janssen, Rudi Stouffs, Andre Chaszar, Stefan Boeykens and Bianca Toth Data transformations in custom digital workflows: Property graphs as a data model for user-defined mappings Singapore, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia
Andreas Jordan, Georg Grossmann, Wolfgang Mayer, Matt Selway and Markus Stumptner Ontology-based process modelling for design Australia
Akin Kazakci, Thomas Gillier, Gerald Piat and Armand Hatchuel Brainstorming versus design reasoning: a theory-driven experimental investigation of creativity, feasibility and value of ideas France
Newsha Khani and Yan Jin Dynamic structuring in cellular self-organizing systems USA
Corinna Königseder and Kristina Shea Analyzing generative design grammars Switzerland
Ehud Kroll and Lauri Koskela On the problem of abduction in design Israel, UK
Djordje Krstic Language of the Rascian school: Analyzing Rascian church plans via parallel shape grammar USA
Ju Hyun Lee, Michael Ostwald and Ning Gu Using a JPG grammar to explore the syntax of a style: An application on Glenn Murcutt’s architecture Australia
Mary Lou Maher, Preece Jennifer, Thomas Yeh, Kazjon Grace, Abigale Stangl and Carol Boston A process model for crowd-sourcing design: A case study in citizen science USA
Diana Moreno, Alberto Hernández, Maria Yang, Julie Linsey and Kristin Wood A step beyond to overcome design fixation: A design by analogy approach USA, Mexico, Singapore
Jeffrey V. Nickerson Collective design: Remixing and visibility USA
Matthias Oberhauser, Sky Sartorius, Thomas Gmeiner and Kristina Shea Computational design synthesis of aircraft configurations with shape grammars Germany, Swtizerland
Pieter Pauwels, Tiemen Strobbe, Jeroen Derboven and Ronald De Meyer The role of conversation and critique within the architectural design process Netherlands, Belgium
Juan Quiroz, Amit Banerjee, Sushil Louis and Sergiu Dascalu Collaborative evolution of 3D models USA
Dilip Raghupathi, Bernard Yannou, Romain Farel and Emilie Poirson Learning from product users, a sentiment rating algorithm France
Carrie Rebhuhn, Brady Gilchrist, Kagan Tumer, Irem Tumer and Robert Stone A multiagent approach to evaluating innovative component selection USA
Benjamin Rogers, Yechen Qiao, Gung James, Tanmay Mathur and Janet Burge Using text mining techniques to extract rationale from existing documentation USA
Anne Ruckpaul, Thomas Fürstenhöfer and Sven Matthiesen Combination of eye tracking and think-aloud in engineering design research Germany
Somwrita Sarkar Spectral (re)construction of urban street networks: Generative design using global information from structure Australia
Joanna Tsenn, Daniel Mcadams and Julie Linsey A comparison of mechanical engineering and biology students’ ideation and bioinspired design abilities USA
Sean Vermillion, Richard Malak, Rachel Smallman and Sherecce Fields Studying the sunk cost effect in engineering decision making with serious gaming USA