Studying The Design Process: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Important Dates
7 May Submissions due
6 June 2:00pm-5:30pm Workshop

Workshop Aim:

There is a variety of approaches to studying the design process. These include both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Qualitative approaches include observational studies, ethnographic studies and questionnaires. Quantitative approaches include think-aloud and retrospective protocol studies, methods that treat the designer as a black box and infer the design process from the changes in the resulting design after changing some input variable, computational models of design processes, and cognitive neuroscience. Included in these approaches are those that commence with a formal model of the design process and attempt to fit the observed behavior into the model.

These approaches often vary based on the design domain, the nature of design task, the experience of the designer, and the background of the researcher. Foundational questions include whether any of these various approaches provide more insight or do we need them all, and whether there are ways of studying the design process that are independent of domain, task, experience and background.

This workshop aims to gather the community of researchers whose research or interest is in the area of studying the design process, to explore and develop ideas.

Workshop Chairs
Tamer El-Khouly, University College London
Deborah Benros, University College London (ucftdhd@live.ucl.ac.uk)
Seda Yilmaz, Iowa State University (seda@iastate.edu)

Program Committee
Julie Linsey, Texas A&M University
Hsien-Hui Tang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Workshop Notes

Workshop format:
The Workshop commences with an introduction from the co-chairs followed by presentation from participants with time for discussion. The workshop will then split into several small workgroups for focussed discussion of ideas. Results from these brainstorming sessions will be presented to the workshop plenum and will be used to instigate additional discussions. The workshop will conclude with a summary of findings.

Submission Information:
• Invitation to attend is open to everyone whether submitting an abstract or not.
• Applicants are invited to submit an abstract of up to two pages on the workshop theme: “Studying The Design Process: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches”
• Please submit, by e-mail to the Workshop Co-Chair: Tamer El-Khouly (t.el-khouly@ucl.ac.uk)

Attendees at the workshop need to register either as an addition to the DCC'12 conference registration at a cost of $25, or if not registered for the conference at a cost of $50. Please go the main DCC12 conference page and then to Registration to register.

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