DCC'12 Program

All sessions will be held on the campus of Texas A & M University in the Langford Architecture Center. Transport to and from the LaSalle Hotel will be provided.

Workshops will be held in
the Langford Architecture Center Building C (ARCC). Search the interactive campus map.
Conference sessions will be held in the Geren Auditorium, Langford Architecture Center Building A (ARCA). Search the interactive campus map.


Tuesday 5 June 2012
0830 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 1230 Cancelled Workshop 1: Online Collaboration in Design
0900 - 1230 Workshop 2: NSF Bio-Inspired Design Workshop: Charting a Course for Computer-Aided Design
1345 - 1400 Registration
1400 - 1730 Workshop 3: Analogies and Metaphors in Design Cognition: Theory and Tools for Design Practice
Wednesday 6 June 2012
0830 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 1230 Workshop 4: Evaluation Methods for Creativity Support Environments
0900 - 1230 Workshop 5: Functional Descriptions in Engineering
1345 - 1400 Registration
1400 - 1730 Workshop 6: Studying The Design Process: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
1400 - 1730 Workshop 7: Design Creativity Workshop 2012

Pre-Conference Mixer - Meet at 7:00pm for informal mixer at Downtown Uncorked (not included in conference registration fee).

Day One

Thursday 7 June 2012
0800 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 0915 Opening
0915 - 1015

Keynote Speaker
Steve Smith
Professor of Psychology
Texas A&M University

1015 - 1045 Break
1045 - 1245

Session 1: Design by Analogy
Chair: Alice Agogino
Analogical Problem Evolution in Biologically Inspired Design
Michael Helms and Ashok Goel
Understanding Analogical Reasoning in Biomimetic Design: An Inductive Approach
Hyunmin Cheong, Gregory Hallihan and Li Shu
Evaluating Methods for Bioinspired Concept Generationn
Michael Glier, Joanna Tsenn, Daniel Mcadams and Julie Linsey

1245 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1545

Session 2: Design Cognition – 1
Chair: Jonathan Cagan
Measure the Shared Understanding of Functional Requirements : An Empirical Study
Eric Blanco, Franck Pourroy and Emine Serap Arikoglu
Mitigating Design Fixation Effects in Engineering Design through Product Dissection Activities
Christine Toh, Scarlett Miller and Gul Kremer
Exploring Designing Styles Using a Problem-Solution Index
Hao Jiang, John Gero and Ching Chiuan Yen

Design Fixation: A Cloak of Many Colors
Robert Youmans and Tomasz Arciszewski

1545 - 1615 Break
1615 - 1815

Session 3: Design Creativity
Chair: Yan Jin
A Systematic Approach Towards Creative Urban Design
Kinda Al Sayed
Quantified Study of the Aesthetic Appeal of the Formal Conceptual Elements in New Products Design through Conjoint Analysis
Fernán Acevedo López and Jorge Alcaide Marzal

Evaluating Creativity in Parametric Design Processes and Products: A Pilot Study
Ju Hyun Lee, Ning Gu, Julie Jupp and Sue Sherratt
Interaction in Optimisation Problems: A Case Study in Truss Design
Simon de Timary and Sean Hanna

1930 Reception: Cotton Exchange, 200 S Main St, Bryan (adjacent the LaSalle Hotel) map

Day Two

Friday 8 June 2012
0800 - 0845 Registration
0845 - 1045

Session 4: Design Cognition – 2
Chair: Robert Youmans
The Role of Design Team Structure on Individual and Shared Mental Models
Matthew Wood, Pinzhi Chen, Katherine Fu, Jonathan Cagan and Kenneth Kotovsky
An Empirical Study of the Effectiveness of Selected Cognitive Aids on Multiple Design Tasks
Noe Vargas Hernandez, Linda C. Schmidt, Gul O. Kremer and Chun-Yu Lin
A Pilot Protocol Study on How Designers Construct Function Structures in Novel Design
Chiradeep Sen and Joshua Summers
Commonalities Across Designing: Empirical Results
John Gero, Udo Kannengiesser and Morteza Pourmohamadi

1045 - 1115 Break
1115 - 1245

Session 5: Design Generation
Chair: Matthew Campbell
Integrated Generative Design Tools for the Mass Customization of Furniture
Mário Barros, Jose Duarte and B M Chaparro
A Transformation Grammar-based Methodology for Housing Rehabilitation
Sara Eloy and José Pinto Duarte
Towards a Generic Shape Grammar for Housing: Revisiting theGrrammars for the Palladian , Malagueira, and Prairie Houses
Deborah Benros, Sean Hanna and Jose Duarte

1245 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1500

Session 6 - Poster Session 1
Chair: Andy Dong
Creative solving problems in the field of design: A revision to research
Fernando Álvarez and Edgar Martinez
Mechanix - A learning tool for trusses and free body diagrams

Olufunmilola Atilola, Cheryl Osterman, Tracy Hammond, Erin McTigue, Matthew Green and Julie Linsey
A key to flexible layouts in graphic design
Prasad Bokil and Shilpa Ranade
Towards a functional representation for building design
Andres Cavieres
Using BIM to aid diagrammatic reasoning about architectural aesthetic concepts
Mark Clayton
Teaching bioinspired: Integrating state-of-the-art methods for bioinspired design into design education
Michael Glier, Joanna Tsenn, Julie Linsey and Daniel McAdams
Immersion and presence and its role in early stage engineering design
Daniela Faas, Daniel Frey and Maria Yang

Supporting design education through social networking: A SNS model for teaching and learning design and technology in high schools in China
Hao Jiang and Ming Xi Tang
A study on design approaches to virtual architecture reflected on students' works in a digital design studio
Mi Jeong Kim, Ju Hyun Lee and Myung Eun Cho
An efficient approach to group shapes by using neighborhood graph
Wenzhe Li and Tracy Hammond
'Applications for experimenting' or 'reasoning agents' as design decision support tools
Pieter Pauwels and Rens Bod
Rational approach to emotional design process
Cliff Shin
Mitigation of fixation to negative examples through physical modeling
Vimal Viswanathan and Julie Linsey

1500 - 1615 Break Including Poster Viewing
1615 - 1815

Session 7: Shape and Space
Chair: Sean Hanna
Shape Interpretation with Design Computing
Chris Earl and Iestyn Jowers
Algebras of Shapes Revisited
Djordje Krstic
Representing 3D Shape Grammars in a Generative Product Design System
Jia Cui and Mingxi Tang
The Evolution of Thoughts, Shapes and Spatial Structure in Architectural Design
Kinda Al Sayed

1930-2200 Conference Dinner
Messina Hof Winery, 4545 Old Reliance Road, Bryan, TX 77808 and includes presentation of Best Paper Prizes.
Transport to and from the LaSalle Hotel is provided.

Day Three

Saturday 9 June 2012
0845 - 1045

Session 8: Design Knowledge
Chair: Li Shu
Generalized Design Knowledge and the Higher-Order Singular Value Decomposition
Andy Dong and Somwrita Sarkar
Representing CK Theory with an Action Logic
Filippo Salustri
On An Integrated Analytical Approach To Describe Quality Design Process in Light of Deterministic Information Theory
Tamer El-Khouly and Alan Penn
A Representational Scheme for the Extraction of Urban Genotypes
Sean Hanna

1045 - 1115 Break
1115 - 1245

Session 9: Design Function
Chair: Pieter Vermaas
Function-Behavior-Structure Framework for the Grids in Graphic Design
Prasad Bokil and Shilpa Ranade
Beyond Function-Behavior-Structure
Mahmoud Dinar, Chris Maclellan, Andreea Danielescu, Jami Shah and Pat Langley
Functional Design Space Representations for Lead Qualification Situations
Julian Eichhoff and Wolfgang Maass
Using Part Functions to Capture Lifecycle Requirements in Detailed Design
Yong Chen, Jian Huang and Youbai Xie

1245 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1500

Session 10 - Poster Session 2
Chair: Dave Brown
Cognitive styles in the dimension of field sensibility-independence (FSI) in processes of industrial design
Fernando Álvarez and Edgar Martinez
Sketch-based interface for interaction with unmanned air vehicles
Danielle Cummings, Stephane Fymat and Tracy Hammond
Representing synthesis, analysis and evaluation as transfer and measurement functions
Yuemin Hou

MECHANIX Automatic Grading of the Creative Design of Trusses
Hong-Hoe Kim, David Turner, Olufunmilola Atilola, Erin Mctigue, Julie Linsey and Tracy Hammond

Using scribble gestures to enhance editing behaviors of sketch recognition systems
Wenzhe Li and Tracy Hammond
Are sounds more inspirational than images?
Celine Mougenot and Katsumi Watanabe
Gestalt grammar in weaving design: Leveraging visual affordance in analyzing and synthesizing weaving design based on the laws of Prägnanz and shape grammar
Rizal Muslimin
Development of trade-off function for optimization in robust design

Thomas Quirante, Patrick Sebastian and Yann Ledoux
Collaborative stimulation of creative analogies
Jonathan Sauder and Yan Jin
Evaluating idea generation in engineering freshmen and seniors
Joanna Tsenn, Michael Glier, Daniel McAdams and Julie Linsey
Development of an expert system to aid in the selection of ideation methods
Noe Vargas Hernandez
Effects of physical models on design cognition
Vimal Viswanathan and Julie Linsey
Effects of design education on design cognition: A longitudinal study of mechanical engineering students
Christopher Williams, John Gero, Marie Paretti and Yoon Lee
A generative and interactive framework enhancing music performances based on a cognitive and computational model of interaction
Elaine Wong and Ming-Xi Tang

1500 - 1600 Break Including Poster Viewing
1600 - 1800

Session 11: Design Processes
Chair: Chris Earl
Rule Based Stochastic Tree Search
Mukund Kumar, Matthew Campbell, Corinna Königseder and Kristina Shea
Capturing Ideation Paths for Discovery of Design Exploration Strategies in Conceptual Engineering Design
Manikandan Mohan, Jami Shah, Sumit Narsale and Maryam Khorshidi
Field Based Behavior Regulation for Self-Organization in Cellular Mechanical Systems
Yan Jin and Chang Chen
Understanding the Design Concept Identification Process
Ivey Chiu and Filippo Salustri

1800 Closing - Presentation of Best Poster and Best Presentation Prizes