List of Accepted Posters to be Presented - by first author order

Poster Authors Poster Title
Fernando Álvarez and Edgar Martinez
Creative solving problems in the field of design: a revision to research
Fernando Álvarez and Edgar Martinez Cognitive styles in the dimension of field sensibility-independence (FSI) in processes of industrial design
Olufunmilola Atilola, Cheryl Osterman, Tracy Hammond, Erin McTigue, Matthew Green and Julie Linsey
Mechanix - A learning tool for trusses and free body diagrams
Prasad Bokil and Shilpa Ranade
A key to flexible layouts in graphic design
Andres Cavieres Towards a functional representation for building design
Mark Clayton

Using BIM to aid diagrammatic reasoning about architectural aesthetic concepts
Danielle Cummings, Stephane Fymat and Tracy Hammond Sketch-based interface for interaction with unmanned air vehicles
Daniela Faas, Daniel Frey and Maria Yang Immersion and presence and its role in early stage engineering design
Michael Glier, Joanna Tsenn, Julie Linsey and Daniel McAdams Teaching bioinspired: Integrating state-of-the-art methods for bioinspired design into design education
Yuemin Hou Representing synthesis, analysis and evaluation as transfer and measurement functions
Hao Jiang and Ming Xi Tang Supporting design education through social networking: A SNS model for teaching and learning design and technology in high schools in China
Hong-Hoe Kim, David Turner, Olufunmilola Atilola, Erin Mctigue, Julie Linsey and Tracy Hammond MECHANIX: Automatic grading of the creative design of trusses
Mi Jeong Kim, Ju Hyun Lee and Myung Eun Cho A study on design approaches to virtual architecture reflected on students' works in a digital design studio
Wenzhe Li and Tracy Hammond An efficient approach to group shapes by using neighborhood graph
Wenzhe Li and Tracy Hammond Using scribble gestures to enhance editing behaviors of sketch recognition systems
Celine Mougenot and Katsumi Watanabe Are sounds more inspirational than images?
Rizal Muslimin Gestalt grammar in weaving design: Leveraging visual affordance in analyzing and synthesizing weaving design based on the laws of Prägnanz and shape grammar
Pieter Pauwels and Rens Bod 'Applications for experimenting' or 'reasoning agents' as design decision support tools
Thomas Quirante, Patrick Sebastian and Yann Ledoux Development of trade-off function for optimization in robust design
Jonathan Sauder and Yan Jin Collaborative stimulation of creative analogies
Cliff Shin Rational approach to emotional design process
Joanna Tsenn, Michael Glier, Daniel McAdams and Julie Linsey Evaluating idea generation in engineering freshmen and seniors
Noe Vargas Hernandez Development of an expert system to aid in the selection of ideation methods
Vimal Viswanathan and Julie Linsey Mitigation of fixation to negative examples through physical modeling
Vimal Viswanathan and Julie Linsey Effects of physical models on design cognition
Christopher Williams, John Gero, Marie Paretti and Yoon Lee Effects of design education on design cognition: A longitudinal study of mechanical engineering students
Elaine Wong and Ming-Xi Tang A generative and interactive framework enhancing music performances based on a cognitive and computational model of interaction