In the two days preceding the DCC10 Conference, i.e., 10 and 11 July 2010, there will be eight half-day workshops on specialised topics in Design Computing and Cognition. These workshops have proven to provide a lively forum in previous conferences.

Links to the specifics of each workshop and the methods of submission and participation wil be made available soon.

The registration fee for each workshop is €25 for conference registrants and €50 per workshop for those who are not registered at the conference.

1. Assessing the Impact of Complexity Science in Design

2. Design Communication

3. Understanding Functions

4. Computational Design Synthesis: Knowledge Representation

5. Conceptual Computational Design Tools: Bridging the Gap between Abstract Requirements and Concrete Implementation Strategies

6. Design Creativity

7. Shape Grammar Implementation: From Theory to Useable Software

8. Research Methods for Design Cognition