DCC'10 Poster Schedule

Poster Session 2


Poster Title

Tamer El-Khouly and Ruth Conroy Dalton

Mind and drawings: A mutual effect between multiple cognitive structures
on the formation of new concepts

Monika Stumpp

The use of symmetry at Palladio's Villa Foscari

Tasos Varoudis, Nick Dalton, Katerina Alexiou, Theodore Zamemopoulos and Jeff Johnson

Investigating the effects of ambient displays on movement patterns in architectural space

Bergen Helms and Kristina Shea

BOOGGIE – An object-oriented grammar implementation for engineering design synthesis

Mika Tsukamoto, Yuki Sonada and Hiroshi Hasegawa

Creative and inventive design support system: Presentation and evaluation of analysis model with a contact and an observer object

Carlos Vaz and Maria Gabriela Celani

A mind map representation for Roberto Burle Marx’s landscape design solutions

Iwona Grabska

Perception of animation in computer-aided designing

Diego Bernini, Francesco Tisato and Giuseppe Vizzari Informatics and Responsive Environments: the Role of Computational Models and Software Architecture

Yuemin Hou and Tomasz Arciszewski

Building design representation space: building blocks

Markus Stumptner, Wolfgang Mayer, Peter Killisperger, Georg Grossmann, Georg Peters and Thomas Stueckl Redesigning a design process: Project specific tailoring of large scale processes

Sebastian Adolphy, Kilian Gericke and Lucienne Blessing

Cognitive estimation in the ideation phase of engineering design

Chung-Lun Kuo and Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Process-based study: Patient flow and medical record transaction in healthcare facility

Nancy Diniz

Game of boundary

Benjamin Landes and Stephan Rudolph

Development and application of a more holistic aircraft cabin integration method

Tarek Rakha and Khaled Nassar

Eco-evolutionary algotecture: A model for interactive design optimization

Youssef Roummieh, Moisés Lima Dutra and Parisa Ghodous

An approach to manage collaborative design based on ontology and adaptive user interfaces

Stephan Chalup and Michael Ostwald

Modelling architecturak design perception using anthropocentric biocybernetic computing

Hung-Pin Hsu

A study of design communication behavior in the Metaverse