DCC'10 Poster Schedule

Poster Session 1


Poster Title

Sander van Splunter, Pieter van Langen and Frances Brazier.

Using composition knowledge to determine the impact of design adaptations

Piergiorgio Rossi

Simplicity and complexity in self-organized technology

Jieun Kim, Carole Bouchard, Jean-francois Omhover and Ameziane Aoussa

Design information in the early design process: cognition and computation

Mehul Bhatt, Alexandru Ichim and Gregory Flanagan DSim: A tool for assisted spatial design

Martin Kratzer, Michael Rauscher, Hansgeorg Binz and Peter Göhner

Concept of an agent-based design support system

Masaki Suwa and Haruyuki Fujii

Space-sound intermedia system as a tool for enriching experience of space

Yong Se Kim, Sang Won Lee and Jee-Hyong Lee

Product-service systems design: Taxonomy and process

Yong Se Kim and Young Chan Cho

Design for affordance and user activities: A case study of a simple medical device

Monika Stumpp

The use of sketches at the design process

Arash Jalalian, Stephan Chalup and Michael Ostwald

Evaluating urban streetscape design by analyzing pedestrian body dynamics

Michele Germani, Maura Mengoni and Margherita Peruzzini

Virtual environment definition for product model usability evaluation

Chun-Hung Liu, Hsiang-Lien Lee and Chang-Franw Lee

The influence of HCI design aesthetic on website creditability: Using on online banking website interfaces as an example

Jae Hong Lee

Spatial meanings of atria in built environments

Hung-Pin Hsu

Cognition research on interactive catalogue design from 2D to 3D

Martin Brösamle and Christoph Hölscher

Wayfinding design with words and gestures

Christoph Höelscher, Ruth Conroy Dalton, Tabitha Peck and Vijay Pawar

Pewdicting perception, memory and behaviour with space syntax

Chung-Lun Kuo and Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Process-based study of on-site health clinic