Workshops and Doctoral Symposium

In the two days preceding the DCC 2008 Conference, i.e., 21 and 22 June 2008, there will be half-day workshops on specialised topics in Design Computing and Cognition. These workshops have proven to provide a lively forum in previous conferences.

Links to the specifics of each workshop and the methods of submission and participation are listed in each workshop's home page.

The registration fee for each workshop is $US25 for conference registrants and $US75 per workshop for those who are not registered at the conference. This does not apply to the Doctoral Symposium; see its registration details.

Current Workshops
Generative Urban Design
Aims to identify generative technologies and applications in the development of adaptive urban design processes.

Design Thinking
Aims to explore what makes design thinking different to other ways of thinking.

Informing Computational Support for Conceptual Design: Lessons Learned from Sketching Studies
The workshop aims to investigate how empirical data collected from sketching experiments can inform and influence the development of software intended to support designers in the early, conceptual stages of design.

Design Creativity
The goal of the workshop is to create a forum for researchers who are interested in design creativity to discuss both general and specific issues related to perspectives, concepts, approaches, models, and supporting tools for design creativity.

Form-Making versus Form-Finding: Distributed Cognition and the Affordances of Design Media
Explores affordances provided by certain media for form-finding while other media provide affordances for form-making.

High Tech/High Touch: Digital and Analog Design Tools
Where in the design process can we best use tactile manipulation and where is it essential to involve digital development tools?

IT in Design
Explores IT support in design processes including non-intrusive documentation of steps within the process to enable the analysis of activities executed and conclusions drawn.

Doctoral Symposium
Doctoral Symposium
(4 half-day workshop sessions)
These symposia provide an opportunity for doctoral students in design research in the fields of design computing and design cognition to present their work in front of experienced faculty and researchers in order to obtain feedback.