DCC'08 Poster Schedule

Poster Session 2

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Sebastian Adolphy

Estimation in Engineering Design

Sebastian Adolphy, Kilian Gericke and Lucienne Blessing

Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Martin Broesamle

How Architecture Overlooks Orientation Issues

Martin Broesamle and Christoph Hölscher

University of Freiburg, Germany

Andres Cavieres

Parametric Modelling of Msonry Assemblies

Andres Cavieres and Russell Gentry

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Kilian Gericke

A Framework to understand Project Robustness

Kilian Gericke and Lucienne Blessing

Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany and Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Bergen Helms

Representing and Evolving Engineering Knowledge for Computational Design Synthesis

Bergen Helms and Kristina Shea

Technical University of Munich, Germany 

Yuemin Hou

Neural Model to Promote Novel Design

Yuemin Hou and Ji Linhong

Beijing Information Science and Technology University, China

Kevin Huang

SmartHands: A Multi-Modal Haptic Piano Teaching System

Kevin Huang and Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Florin Leon A Neurological Agent Model for Requirements Specification in Structural Engineering Design Florin Leon, Yeoh Ker-Wei and Martinus van de Ruitenbeek Technical University of Iasi, Romania, National University of Singapore, Singapore and Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Eduardo Lyon

Knowledge-Based Design and Digital Manufacturing

Eduardo Lyon

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Jean-Francois Omhover Methodology for the Production of a Web-Based Image Collection for Car Designers Jean-Francois Omhover, Carole Bouchard, Céline Mougenot, Fabrice Mantelet, Didier Ziakovic and Ameziane Aoussa Arts et Metiers ParisTech, France

Ozan Ozener

A Qualitative Performance Model for the BIM Adoption in the AEC/FM Industry

Ozan Ozener, Mark J. Clayton, Carlos Nome and Robert E. Johnson

Texas A&M University, USA

Dimitris Papanikolaou

Evaluating Design for Constructability using CAD/CAM/BIM and Systems Theory

Dimitris Papanikolaou

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Fabiano Pinto

AutoCAD Implementation of Shape Grammars

Fabiano Pinto, Rosirene Mayer and Benamy Turkienicz

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and Propar UFRGS, Brazil

Nicholas Reed

Development of an Intelligent Knowledge Based Design System for Advanced Fixture and Tooling Design

Nicholas Reed, James Scanlan and Steven Halliday

University of Southampton and Rolls-Royce Plc, UK

Mark Riedl

Computationall Creative Search for Stories

Mark Riedl

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Reid Senescu

A Process Integration Platform: For Multi-Disciplinary Building Design

Reid Senescu and John Haymaker

Stanford University, USA

Yung-Chin Tsao

A Design Model Introducing New Technology Features into Innovative Product Design

Yung-Chin Tsao, Chung-Mei Lien and Shaio-Chung Chan

Tatung University and ChungYu Institute of Technology, Taiwan

Carlos Vaz

Brasilia's Water Mirror Gardens

Carlos Vaz and Maria Gabriela Caffarena Celani


Xiangyu Wang

An Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of an Augmented Virtuality-Based Space for Design

Xiangyu Wang and Rui Chen

University of Sydney, Australia