IT in Design (ITiD)
Important Dates
Saturday, 24 May Submissions due Extended deadline
Saturday, 31 May Notification of acceptance
Monday, 9 June Distribution of preparation material
Sunday, 22 June Workshop
Workshop aim:

The motivation for this workshop is the lack of IT support in design processes. While often perceived as an attribute of a final product, design is in essence a process of interdisciplinary cooperation. There are many tools and platforms to support communication and documentation, but few actually address the process itself. Specifically, the workshop will deal with the notion of the non-intrusive documentation of steps within the process to enable the analysis of activities executed and conclusions drawn, hence allowing for revisions and recoveries. This workshop honors design as a process of interdisciplinary cooperation and engages the participants in discussions on the expedient integration of IT into such design processes. Within these processes, easy access to and sharing of information, managing physical and virtual artifacts, and support for ad-hoc activities are vital for user acceptance of IT solutions. Based on these requirements and the experiences of the participants, this workshop provides a reality-check and refinement of these requirements.

Workshop Chair
Larry Leifer
(Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, Stanford University)
Ulrich Weinberg
(HPI School of Design Thinking, University of Potsdam)
Mathias Weske
(Business Process Technology at Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam)
Terry Winograd
(Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, Stanford University)

Workshop format:
This half-day workshop shall bring experts from the fields of design and IT together to discuss the usefulness of existing solutions and prototype new approaches that are desirable, feasible, and marketable. Both analysis and prototyping will be achieved using a multidisciplinary design thinking process. A short but obligatory online preparation will precede the workshop.

The workshop will use CSCW (computer supported cooperative work) in design as a starting point and focus on IT support of design processes. Our topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Submission information:
Targeted participants are design experts and information technology engineers both from academia and industry. People with experience in design projects and an open mind towards new and innovative solutions from different disciplines are invited to the workshop as well. Contributions to the workshop should be submitted in the form of brief position papers or extended abstracts, approximately 1000 words long; however longer contributions will be welcome. Figures as appropriate and full references should be included. These papers will be assessed by the workshop committee for inclusion in the workshop. These position papers should outline a research project, present a summary of a theoretical analysis, or contain a succinct review of the state of the art of some aspect of relevant research. Participants are expected to prepare for the session with online materials they will receive prior to the workshop. Please submit your workshop position paper in PDF format to, formatted according to the DCC08 paper guidelines.

Attendees at the workshop need to register either as an addition to the DCC'08 conference registration at a cost of $25, or if not registered for the conference at a cost of $75. Please go the Registration page to register.