Accepted Papers

First Author Paper Title List of Authors Country
Kinda Al_Sayed Discursive and Non-Discursive Design Processes Kinda Al_Sayed, Ruth Conroy Dalton and Christoph Hoelscher UK

Ameya Athavankar

Form as a Visual Encounter: Using Eye Movement Studies for Design Reasoning

Ameya Athavankar


Uday Athavankar Reaching Out in the Mind's Space Uday Athavankar, Prasad Bokil, Guruprasad Kuppu Rao, Rajendra Patsute and Susmita Sharma Yadhav India
Stefania Bandini Guitar Hero: A Knowledge-Based System to Support Creativity in the Design and Manufacturing of Electric Guitars Stefania Bandini, Andrea Bonomi and Fabio Sartori Italy
Amit Banerjee A Model of Creative Design Using Collaborative Interactive Genetic Algorithms Amit Banerjee, Juan Quiroz and Sushil Louis USA
Zafer Bilda Idea Development Can Occur Using Imagery Only Zafar Bilda and John Gero Australia
Carole Bouchard TRENDS: A Content-Based Information Retrieval System for Designers Carole Bouchard, Jean-Francois Omhover, Céline Mougenot, Ameziane Aoussat and Stephen Westerman France
Janet Burge Capturing Collaborative Design Decisions and Rationale Janet Burge and James Kiper USA
Benjamin Caldwell Empirical Examination of the Functional Basis and Design Repository Benjamin Caldwell, Chiradeep Sen, Gregory Mocko, Joshua Summers and Georges Fadel USA
Daniel Cardoso Generative Fabrication: Discussing Creativity in the Age of Digital Machinery Daniel Cardoso and Lawrence Sass USA
Rui Chen Conceptualizing Tangible Augmented Reality Systems for Design Learning Rui Chen and Xiangyu Wang Australia
Madan Mohan Dabbeeru Discovering Implicit Constraints in Design Madan Mohan Dabbeeru and Amitabha Mukerjee India
Françoise Darses Is There Anything to Expect from 3D CAAD Views in Sketching Support Tools? Françoise Darses, Anais Mayeur, Catherine Elsen and Pierre Leclercq France and Belgium
Athanassios Economou Unraveling Complexity: A Computational Approach for the Generation of All Underlying Structures of Three-Dimensional Shapes with an n-Fold Symmetry Axis Athanassios Economou and Thomas Grasl USA
Andrés Gómez de Silva Garza An Evolutionary Process Model for Design Style Imitation Andrés Gómez de Silva Garza and Arám Zamora Lores Mexico
Francois Grobler Ontologies and Shape Grammars: Communication Between Knowledge-Based and Generative Systems Francois Grobler, Ajla Aksamija, Hyunjoo Kim, Ramesh Krishnamurti, Kui Yue and Casey Hickerson USA
Jan Halatsch Using Shape Grammars for Master Planning Jan Halatsch, Antje Kunze and Gerhard Schmitt Swtizerland
Michael Helms From Diagrams to Design: Overcoming Knowledge Acquisition Barriers for Case Based Reasoning in Design Michael Helms and Ashok Goel USA
Christoph Hölscher Comprehension of Layout Complexity : Effects of Architectural Expertise and Mode of Presentation Christoph Hölscher and Ruth Conroy Dalton Germany
Yan Jin Roles of Negotiation Protocol and Strategy in Collaborative Design Yan Jin and Mathieu Geslin USA
 Maria Kozhevnikov The Role of Immersivity in Three-Dimensional Mental Rotation Maria Kozhevnikov, Jodie Royan, Olesya Blazhenkova and Andrey Gorbunov USA
Djordje Krstic Approximating Shapes with Topologies Djordje Krstic USA
Tolga Kurtoglu Automating the Conceptual Design Process: From Black-Box To Component Selection Tolga Kurtoglu, Albert Swantner and Matthew Campbell USA
Anna Laskari Urban Identity Through Quantifiable Spatial Attributes Anna Laskari, Sean Hanna and Christian Derix UK
Sungwoo Lim Categorisation of Designs According to Preference values for Shape Rules Sungwoo Lim, Miquel Prats, Scott Chase and Steve Garner Canada
Franz Maier Ontology-Based Process Modelling for Design Optimisation Support Franz Maier, Arndt Muehlenfeld, Markus Stumptner and Wolfgang Mayer Australia
Maura Mengoni Interacting with Virtual Prototypes Coherently with the Design Intent Maura Mengoni and Michele Germani Italy
Tsai-Yun Mou Novices’ Satisfactory Design: Some Implications for Performance and Satisficing in Character Design Tsai-Yun Mou and Chun-Heng Ho Taiwan
Jeffrey Nickerson Diagrams as a Tool in the Design of Information Systems Jeffrey Nickerson, James Corter, Barbara Tversky, Doris Zahner and Yun Jin Rho USA
Seth Orsborn Automating the Creation of Shape Grammar Rules Seth Orsborn, Jonathan Cagan and Peter Boatwright USA
Somwrita Sarkar Learning Symbolic Formulations in Design Optimization Somwrita Sarkar, Andy Dong and John Gero Australia
Jeremiah Still An Empirical Investigation of Affordances and Conventions Jeremiah Still and Veronica Dark USA
Hsien-Hui Tang Using Design Paradigms to Evaluate the Collaborative Design Process of Traditional and Digital Media Hsien-Hui Tang and Yu-Ying Lee Taiwan
Matthias Uflacker Setting Up The Situated Function-Behaviour-Structure Framework For User-Centered Software Design Matthias Uflacker and Alexander Zeier Germany
Swaroop Vattam Compound Analogical Design: Interaction Between Problem Decopmposition and Analogical Transfer in Biologically Inspired Design Swaroop Vattam, Michael Helms and Ashok Goel USA
Xiong Wang A Case Study of Computing Appraisals in Design Text Xiong Wang and Andy Dong Australia
Kui Yue A Technique for Implementing a Computation-Friendly Shape Grammar Interpreter Kui Yue and Ramesh Krishnamurti USA