CSI 991

Seminar in Computational Statistics:

Recent articles in computational learning and computational statistics

Fall, 2013

Fridays 3:00pm or 4:00pm -- 5:00pm
Music Theater Building 1008

CSI 991 Section 004


The seminar will be conducted in the form of a journal club.

The objective is three-fold:

Students who are enrolled in the class will be required to make two 30-to-45-minute presentations, each summarizing a recent article in computational learning or computational statistics. ("Recent" means 2005 or later.)

A brief written report is also required. This can be in the form of straight text (5 or 6 pages) or a copy of the presentation slides.

The presentations can be simple summaries, or, preferably, critical reviews citing other work or possible approaches. Monte Carlo studies or applications on sample datasets would be nice.

Make sure that work that is supposed to be yours is indeed your own.

With cut-and-paste capabilities on webpages, it is easy to plagiarize.
Sometimes it is even accidental, because it results from legitimate note-taking; nevertheless, it is plagiarism and it is illegal.
Whenever you include a picture, graphic, or text from another source, give a clear citation of the previous work.