CSI 991

Seminar in Computational Statistics:

Comparison of Bayesian and Frequentist Methods in Statistics

Spring, 2012

Fridays 4:00pm -- 5:00pm, room varies.
Research I, Room 301 is the default room, but if that room is taken, we will meet in Research I, Room 161 except for the following dates:
  • March 30 Innovation Hall, Room 316
  • April 13 Research I, Room 92
  • April 20 Research I, Room 92
  • CSI 991 Section 002


    The seminar will be conducted in the form a workshop. Participants are encouraged to put R and WinBUGS on their own laptops, and to bring them to the seminars.

    Students who are enrolled in the class will have a choice of either

  • regular attendance and participation (in the form of brief presentations or writing code to do the computations for various analyses), or
  • attending only on April 13 and April 20, on which dates they will make two 20-minute presentations on a single topic in computational statistics.

    The main reference text is A Comparison of Bayesian and Frequentist Approaches to Estimation by Francisco J. Samaniego.
    The full text of this book is available online through Springer Link. This can be accessed by any computer on the gmu.edu domain. From outside that domain, Springer Link can be accessed using a valid GMU email account.

    We may also work problems in Bayesian Ideas and Data Analysis, by Ronald Christensen, Wesley Johnson, Adam Branscum, and Timothy E. Hanson
    Website for book; downloads, etc.